Michigan sketches

Pregnancy has impacted my sketching productivity. I’m just not sketching as much as I was pre-pregnancy. I seem to be devouring books, but it’s taking me so much longer to get through the pages of my sketchbook.

But, I did do this sketch of Tad on the train from Chicago to Michigan at the end of June. We had a short but sweet visit to see family.

2013-06-28 14.17.27

We also squeezed in a trip to the beach, at Grand Mere State park, and I captured my sister in law. The day was HOT and the water was cool and refreshing…though the rocks made it a little challenging to get into the water.

2013-06-28 14.17.39


>Neglected Blog, please don’t hate me


Blogging has not been a priority.

and honestly, neither has sketching
but on vacation, I did make an effort
and captured some things in my journal and sketchbook
I enjoyed focusing on the scene and trying to record it with pen and paper
and enjoy the quiet relaxation of drawing
here’s a sketch from imagination of my dream house:
inspired by the sandcastle I built
we had a good vacation which included lots of beach play time
Sagis missed us, though.
this is a corner in sellwood that I enjoyed seeing
it was hard to draw on the boat, consequently, Tad hates this sketch of him
the lighthouse is a St. Joe landmark
Tad poses
i love seagulls

>Trip sketches

>From Tucson to Houston there were heaps of Army folks on “christmas exodus”…
drawing on the plane

This guy had great hair sticking up above the seat. I wanted to draw all the different kinds of shoes I saw while traveling, but only did these few sketches.

Cancelled flight means LOTS of waiting… and lots of sketching…
and even more sketching.
Finally arrived in Michigan to sketch St. Nick on Grandma’s fireplace.

Dogs. Buddy is hard to sketch, but poupee was a little easier.
My neice lounging on the floor.
Cousin Libby knitting a scarf.
At the airport again. This time on my way to Oregon.

Tad’s sister in the kitchen.

Tad’s dad resting up for the big holiday.Tad catching up on some news.
practicing their song for the Christmas play.
The Christmas tree nicely decorated with meaningful ornaments.

Kip strumming the guitar

playing games
Dictionary game.
Tad’s dad: 2 sketches.
uncolored sketches, to be colored later…

teapot at Peet’s

Gifts I got. I got all kinds of fun stuff!
Tad’s brothers, hanging out.
stuff. Super 8 projector and the brass mule sculpture Tad’s dad made.
at the airport in Albuquerque during a layover.

>Thanksgiving Sketches

>Tad and I went to Patagonia to enjoy the raw food potluck feast for our “turkey” dinner. Here are the sketches I got to do since I let Tad be in the driver’s seat: I am not so sure this is THE tree of life, but I figured it would cover me for the EDM challenge, Draw a tree in autumn. This tree had attractive yellow berries that the kids were having fun pulling off and throwing them.
At the labryinth, once I reached the center, I sat and sketched the view:
to see the photos from the trip,
click here