Handouts from the urban sketching Symposium

The workshops that I feel I got the most out of at the symposium both gave out these great little booklets. This was really helpful to refer back to when I was out there sketching…
I have taken photos of the pages to share the fantastic info that the instructors gave me. 20110820-041622.jpg









Unfinished Business

I really enjoyed Nina Johannson’s workshop, Unfinished business. She gave us a nice
little booklet with tips and exercises. The idea is to leave parts of your sketch unfinished. Draw various details, signs, etc to add more to the page. Simplify your sketch. Collect signs on a page. Leave parts of the sketch uncolored. There are probably tips I’m forgetting, but you maybe get the idea. Now, here are the sketches I did in Largo Camoes?





>Urban Sketchers Symposium- Day one!


Today was the beginning of the Urban Sketchers Symposium.
it was pretty exciting to check in and get our goodie bags and see people i’ve known in the blogosphere!
I started with the Urban People session with Veronica Lawlor.
we went in to Powell’s where you can always find lots of people, even at 9 am on a Thursday morning.
robbie and i got caught sketching
and as you can tell, we’re all bloggers around these parts!
My second session was architecture with Simo Capecchi
many of us took refuge in the shade
until we went up on the roof of the ecotrust building!
Stay tuned…more symposium fun to come!