2012 sketching – a year in review

A year ago, I noted all the places I sketched in the year. What a great record of all the great sketching!

I thought I would do that again here.

Here is a list of all the places I sketched in 2012 (in random order)

Oregon: at work, at home, Bill Sharp’s studio, Seattle’s best downtown, SW 2nd & Taylor, Oaks Park skating rink, Silk, outside the Chinese garden, west moreland, the Hazel Room, on SE Hawthorne, Cha Cha Cha’s, Portland Memorial, Staccato Gelato, Portland Nursery Apple Tasting, Social Security office, DMV, Sound Grounds cafe, on the bus, at my in law’s house, in the car, at Yummy GArden, at Thai Lahna, barbur transit center, at the coast, Thai Bay in depoe bay, St. Honore in Lake Oswego, Peet’s coffee in Lake Oswego, Nicholas’ restaurant, An Xuyen bakery, Foster Burger, at a Peace Bike presentation, airport, mt. hood, Floyd’s, mocha express, fort stevens, rose parade, white eagle saloon, nw documentary’s home grown docfest, downtown Dayton, tom mccall park, I-84 east and west bound, Oasis Cafe, Jam Cafe, Appathaizing Thai Cuisine, PSU, Portland Action Summit, Ringler’s annex, by the willamette, moreland farmer’s market, kelley point park, bob’s red mill, Jade, La Carreta, st Johns Cathedral park, proper eats, wooden boat festival, in my car in oregon city, elk rock island, flying pig, se 13th, Dwaraka, Jantzen beach, produce row cafe, Bertie Lou’s, laughing planet, bipartisan cafe, biddy mcgraw’s, seven virtues, muddy rudder, clackamas county sheriffs office awards ceremony, Izzy’s, Pascale’s studio, costello’s travel caffe, vancouver children’s library, filming of a documentary, wilsonville pub, eastbank esplanade, mongolian bbq, on the back of a tandem bike, oregon berry festival, backyard concert at a friend’s house, chapman elementary, clackamas town center, david’s bridal, Henry’s tavern, astoria, Gregg’s office, Waldo Middle school, sidewalk out front of Saburo’s, Saburo’s, Johnson Creek, wong’s king chinese restaurant, Swagat, Columbia park, Nova tattoo studio, food carts on se belmont, rain or shine coffee shop, old town pizza, dang’s thai restaurant, pastini pastaria, stuck in traffic on se tacoma going west,

Montana: the road into the tri-cities,Kootenai creek, university of montana,
Idaho: McCall,
Airport to Seattle, Miami airport,
Dominican Republic: airport, santo domingo, parque colon, el beaterio, iglesia santa barbara, ruinas san francisco, cafeteria el conde, mercado modelo, Irie Lion, panteon nacional, Puerta del conde, calle el conde, Hotel Mercure, Samana, quintana bar, playa anadel, falafel, parque billini, plaza espana, butcher shop, meson d bari,

All but the red sketch book have been completely filled in 2012


some sketches in each book



Almost five sketchbooks, three states, two countries and a partridge in a pear tree…okay, no partridges, but a pig’s head in a butcher shop.


Life happens and blogging does not.

But I have been sketching since I last posted in March 2012!

Here are some random snap shots from my sketchbooks

the first few sketches are from an Urban Sketchers meet up in May. We met at Staccato Gelato in Sellwood



I captured Kalina sketching twice


we inevitably talk about Pete Scully when we sketch fire hydrants



a bridge





another view of the bridge to nowhere



drawing Tad at one of our many dinners




I went to Santo Domingo to attend the 3rd International Urban Sketchers Symposium!2012-08-16 20.42.27

Thanks to Orling for organizing it!

2012-08-16 20.42.06

it was hot, but fantastic. I enjoyed brushing up on my spanish (and even my french, thanks to our Haitian hoteliers!)

2012-08-16 20.41.50


capturing some daily living

2012-11-03 13.07.09


and a self portrait





grandad reading on Christmas day




Paint Set

I bought my paint set back in 2006. Since then, as pans of paint have been used up, i’ve merely added some more paint into the near empty pan, or put in a fresh new pan of paint. For six years this has worked for me. In the summer of 2011, painting on the beach on the gulf of mexico and again on Lake MIchigan, I dropped my paint set, and sand got in to all the little cracks and crevices. It continually annoyed me until today when I started trying to clean it out. Soon, I was prying up all the pans–a lot of them were so congealed with old paint that i had to chip away, breaking, the pan in the process, to pull out the pan.

I realized that the old paint, even if some wasn’t necessarily that old, was not going to go back into my (as near pristine as it could be using the cleaning tools available to me) kit. So i pulled out my tubes of paint and filled the clean pans with some fresh paint. The palette is different- going just with what i have: cerulean blue, prussian blue, turquoise, permanent rose, cadmium red deep, cadmium yellow, lap black, payne’s gray, sap green, olive green, hooker’s green light, and chinese white.

I realized in this process, too, that i still have a lot of wc tubes purchased when i was in college–back in 1997! While some is still squeezable, others are hard. Maybe in the interest of using up what I have, some day I’ll cut open the tube, soak the dried paint in water and see what happens. I should really deep clean my palette once a year so that it does not get as bad again!

I did not get a photo of my palette pre-cleaning, but I have a photo of the bits of paint pried out of the pans and a photo of my fresh new palette.




Portland Urban Sketchers met downtown at SW 2nd and SW Taylor at a Starbucks. Downtown on a Saturday morning is a quiet place– great for focusing on urban landscape without the distraction of traffic and pedestrians.

Twelve sketchers showed up on this cold, damp day. The sun kept teasing us, but the rain still fell.
I did some warm up drawings of my fellow sketchers & pasted in a map of the area,

we did venture outside, under a sheltered area that also had tables. I managed to mostly avoid drawing buildings. I just wasn’t feeling in the mood to work on perspective. In the background, you can see something with the letter E on it. Electric cars can park in two parking spots for as long as they want, as long as they are charging up their vehicles.

I attempted to figure out the lines of a bicycle locked to a bike rack. Not only is a bike difficult to draw, but the bike rack it self, had odd curved metal that confused my eye and my pen.

Huddled back in the warmth of the cafe, I couldn’t resist trying to draw this mural on the side of a building.


Our next stop was supposed to be Steamer’s for lunch, but since it was closed, we went to Seattle’s Best. We had lunch there and tried to sketch the Portlandia statue from the window. I couldn’t get a good view without taking over someone else’s chair, so I decided I’d draw the sketchers sketching the Portlandia statue. You can see below, on Kalina’s sketchbook the trident that Portlandia is holding.
One of these days, I will attempt to draw the Portlandia statue.

We shared our sketchbooks and then parted ways.

Lisbon, last day

My last day in Lisbon photo highlights:












Sketched alone on the morning, after breakfast at the hostel with Judith, Orling and Gerard. Lunch was a scrambled egg sandwich. Hot day, so back to the hostel to pack up and chill out, which included a half an hour nap. Cappuccino in Chiado, ran into Liz and Paul. dinner at the hostel with Orling. Bedtime.