>Multnomah Village

>Portland Urban Sketchers went to Multnomah Village to sketch.
I copied Mike and tried sketching some of the signs

I love eating at Marco’s Cafe, so I figured I should try to sketch it.

I don’t usually draw hydrants, but I thought I’d give it a shot:

This is one of my favorite sketches….I find that I love to draw people, and especiall trying to draw someone I know! Here’s Mike Porter sketching in the Lucky Lab

street scenes

sacrificed drawing, but I figured I’d post it anyway. It was about sitting there, in the sun, pen to paper, definitely not about the end result!


>Riverplace Sketchcrawl


Portland Urban Sketchers met at The Riverplace.

Riverplace was developed at the south part of the Tom McCall Waterfront Park after the Harbor Freeway was replaced by the park in the 1970’s. It’s got a little marina, some restaurants, and some shops as well as apartments and condos and the Riverplace Hotel. The greenway extends north through Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park up to Steel Bridge and, eventually, south through the South Waterfront.  You can watch the Dragonboat races from here during the Rose Festival (or watch the teams practice during the year).  Riverplace is connected to downtown and the South Waterfront development by the Portland Streetcar.The Streetcar is in Fareless Square – pretty handy. (source: portland-neighborhoods

I realized that sketching these fancy boats are as much fun as sketching cars.

I did get a good likeness of Carrie, sketching happily in the sun.

 I’m always tempted to draw these darn  bridges we’ve got everywhere, but every time I curse their complicatedness.

 I finished a sketchbook while out, so I started a Flexi Sketch. With its 300 pages, I should be working in it for a while!

 I tried to capture kalina in that great hat of hers.

 I also tried to capture the sail boat with laundry handing out and man in hammock, a dragon boat, and dogs…

>Worldwide Sketchcrawl, January 22, 2011


We met at Boyd’s in SW Portland to do some sketching of downtown. We were lucky to have sunshine and blue skies, though it was still quite chilly to be out.

 I attempted a tree, but it was quite huge and complicated. I also attempted a map, but that too was complicated

 This was my intended subject. This was as far as I got before my bum got too cold and I needed to seek shelter.

 We found an inside location with a view. I wasn’t impressed by this attempt, but I liked being warm!

 I captured Deb sketching on the stairs. I forgot my camera, so this will have to do!

 Ten of us met for lunch and to show off our sketches.  There were a couple of others out sketching, too, but they didn’t join us for lunch.

I went back out for a little more sketching. This was done in the south park blocks.

 I liked this fountain.

It was a great Portland day for a sketchcrawl. We usually have a really good turnout at our sketchcrawls, which is a lot of fun. It is so great to see what other people can do in the same amount of time in approximately the same location. We have some VERY talented people in our group. Kudos to all the Portland Urban Sketchers!

>Martin Luther King Day sketchcrawl


I met up with Marco and Kalina for some sketching in Northwest Portland. We met at Anna Banana’s but I haven’t included the couple of sketches I did there in this post. I have finished two sketchbooks recently so I got to start this new stonehenge pad that I got fromt he symposium. I’m already loving the paper. Here are a couple of sketches from 21st Avenue bar and grill

We then went to The Canvas and met up with more urban sketchers, had dinner and sketched the costumed figure model.

I usually work on Monday nights, so when I have a free monday, I like coming here! The food is great and it is fun to draw the model in such a wonderful atmosphere!

>SketchCrawl in Portland

>waiting for the bus, i did a morning warm up

out the window of starbucks:

Sitting and chatting at Starbucks waiting for all to join us.

Rough Rider statue

A sketchcrawler (her first time! Yay! Her teacher was giving her extra credit by going on a sketchcrawl.)

statue, sketched with watercolor pencil before lunch

on the bus going home, one last sketch

>SketchCrawl Tucson

>Tucson SketchCrawlers, March 2008!It was a great day for a sketchcrawl in downtown Tucson! The weather was gorgeous (sunny 83degrees.) and there was an event happening over at the Tucson Museum of Art.

We met and ordered up some lattes to fuel our sketchcrawling. I started off the morning with some grid work to loosen up and not worry about a full page sketch (even if it is only a pocket wc Moleskine sketchbook.) *click on sketch to enlarge.**

I wandered down Franklin street as I had driven down it a day or so ago and wanted to come back and sketch. I was glad I did….

I also got to pet a kitty while sketching this house. She didn’t want to be sketched, however. While I was sketching the sketch above and the one below, many people passed by me. Some were considerate and moved quickly passed me, while saying hello. But there were quite a few that did not say anything. Just walked on past.

I stopped at the Old Town Artisans courtyard to use their facilities and wait for Julie to join me. I sketched this man dressed in Aztec garb. Unfortunately I did not note the colors and I painted this later.

Julie and I walked over to Viente de Agosto Park and I sketched this statue. It’s of General Francisco Villa. Oh, and if you’re wondering the significance of the park’s name [August 20th park] it’s the day marking the founding of Tucson in 1775.

We all met up for lunch and showed off the morning’s sketches. I am REALLY impressed with the ladies that were out sketching. HOLY MOLY! They can sketch! You should go on over to the sketchcrawl.com forum and click on Tucson results to see the great sketches made today.
After lunch I headed over to La Placita area. I sketched a bit of the St. Agustine’s church that I could see from my shaded vantage point.

And then this frond-less palm just begged to be sketched. It’s lonely being frondless amongst others with fronds.

Still in the same place, I was attracted to this bus (I’m a hippie at heart, you know that about me, right?) and worked on the details around it. Shew! This was a hard sketch. I had to squint to try and see some detail…and I realized that I NEED to review perspective whether i WANT to or not!

My bum asleep, I packed up my stool {a tripod stool I found at the dollar store for the bargain price of one dolla! } and got the blood flowing again. I sat in the sun to get a close up sketch of this prickly pear cactus. I started sketching faster…It’s HOT in the sun! I was off to find some shade and something to sketch.

I wandered through La Placita but nothing struck my fancy, so I headed through the Hotel Arizona (facilities check) and then over to the Museum of Art. I checked out some of the exhibits that sketchcrawlers had sketched this morning and then headed out to the “beer garden” of the Artisans festival. There was a stage and lively music. Perfect for people sketches.

As I sketched Dale Clark on stage, the man sitting next to me kept watching me. This was slightly embarrassing as I gave Dale some chicken legs…clearly this was not turning out to be the best sketch of the day. But the man used to sketch he said. So I gave him a sketchcrawl sticker (that I had printed out from Enrico’s logo) and told him to check it out. He said his brother is more into sketching but he would enjoy learning about it.

Time for one last sketch…I wanted to sketch “A” Mountain….a symbol seen all around downtown Tucson from different angles. I finally found one I could see from a shaded view, with the added bonus of the weird donut shaped “art” installation…that is maybe lit up at night, powered by solar