>Multnomah Village

>Portland Urban Sketchers went to Multnomah Village to sketch.
I copied Mike and tried sketching some of the signs

I love eating at Marco’s Cafe, so I figured I should try to sketch it.

I don’t usually draw hydrants, but I thought I’d give it a shot:

This is one of my favorite sketches….I find that I love to draw people, and especiall trying to draw someone I know! Here’s Mike Porter sketching in the Lucky Lab

street scenes

sacrificed drawing, but I figured I’d post it anyway. It was about sitting there, in the sun, pen to paper, definitely not about the end result!

>Riverplace Sketchcrawl


Portland Urban Sketchers met at The Riverplace.

Riverplace was developed at the south part of the Tom McCall Waterfront Park after the Harbor Freeway was replaced by the park in the 1970’s. It’s got a little marina, some restaurants, and some shops as well as apartments and condos and the Riverplace Hotel. The greenway extends north through Governor Tom McCall Waterfront Park up to Steel Bridge and, eventually, south through the South Waterfront.  You can watch the Dragonboat races from here during the Rose Festival (or watch the teams practice during the year).  Riverplace is connected to downtown and the South Waterfront development by the Portland Streetcar.The Streetcar is in Fareless Square – pretty handy. (source: portland-neighborhoods

I realized that sketching these fancy boats are as much fun as sketching cars.

I did get a good likeness of Carrie, sketching happily in the sun.

 I’m always tempted to draw these darn  bridges we’ve got everywhere, but every time I curse their complicatedness.

 I finished a sketchbook while out, so I started a Flexi Sketch. With its 300 pages, I should be working in it for a while!

 I tried to capture kalina in that great hat of hers.

 I also tried to capture the sail boat with laundry handing out and man in hammock, a dragon boat, and dogs…

>Tandem Sketching

>Tad and I went on a tandem bike ride around Portland. I tried out my ability to sketch and bike at the same time.
thanks to the recumbent bike seat style, I was able to secure my sketchbook.

Sketch with my right hand (which is holding the camera in this shot:)

a rubber band would have been useful….I didn’t bring my watercolors, but I couldn’t imagine using them anyway!

the sketch with wc added the next day. Biking with mt. hood and the airport in the distance….

>Recent sketches


Portland Urban Sketchers met up on Se Belmont for a sketchcrawl.  This was my favorite sketch, though more can be found here.
 I did some sketches of my co-workers at an all staff. We got to go visit one of our camp properties, and some of us stayed overnight.
 we played apples to apples
and had a good time at camp
 getting to know folks from different departments or different offices.
 i got to share my love of sketching with folks

 Tad and I had dinner. I started this sketch while Tad went to the bathroom and then had to figure out where he fit in to the scene…it’s not quite right, but good enough for me!

 I had meetings in Oregon City with time between the two to allow me a little time at a new cafe.

 and a chance to eat supper.

I spent last weekend on the coast at a ‘sisterhood retreat’ and got in some sketches…

 i love the ocean room in the beach house. so peaceful!

 we, of course, watched many chick flicks!

>Lots of Sketches


I haven’t blogged much here, but I am sketching… here are some of the sketches I’ve done in the past month or so..

I got caught sketching! Someone standing behind me must have been watching me, cause he said, Are you drawing him?? and the guy I was drawing must have overheard…it was slightly awkward…but no big deal..

>12 of January 12, 2009

>thanks to Chad Darnell and his 12 of 12 photo project idea, I am now trying to remember to document my day on every 12th day of each month. Last year I skipped a couple of months. My goal is to remember each month!

Morning. This note on my agenda helped keep me on track.
My first bleary eyed look at the morning.
A quick workout circa 1991 before work. Thank you,Tami Lee Webb.
Sagis wants me to stay home and play.
My background funny on my new laptop at work. It makes me smile.
My to do folder. Working hard.
T-boy borrowed the van so he was my chauffer. 5pm and already so dark.
We traveled home in warp speed (actually I was testing out my camera’s shutter speed settings.)
Burritos for dinner
A sketch.
Chillaxin at home (this is T’s stand up computer set up to prevent a sore bum.)

That was a bit of my day. Sagis-cat & T-boy showed up 3 times, me, none. 🙂