>sketch dump!


I’ve been busy, not with EDM challenges, but sketching in general. I just recently finished Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing by Frederick Frank and really enjoyed it. I’m now working through Keys to Drawing by B. Dodson I’m trying to practice a bit what I read.
On to the sketch dump!

in my Moleskine journal (sketchbook)

my feet while sitting in the hammock

Another Origami book
doodles at Laguna elementary

In my small water color moleskine
quick drawing during lunch on a cold rainy day in Tucson!

quick sketch of people

sketched at Sabino Canyon- the visitor’s center

at the dam:

the Benedictine Sanctuary…this is something I’ve wanted to sketch for a while now.

In my Strathmore sketchbook:

Tad plays fiddle and is unknowingly my model

The first project in Keys to Drawing

Project-hand from an unusual angle and more doodles

Project: Pepper

Project: eyes and bonus self portrait (my hair is not really white nor is my face that dirty)

I recently bought new shoes to help kick start my exercise regime