>12 of January 12, 2010

>5am, getting ready 6am dropping T off at the airport

7am home. coffee. Journal.

8am sellwood. Grand Central Bakery for a cheddar egg biscuit.

8:45 driving over the Sellwood bridge.

noon. Lunch of Trader Joes green chili & cheese tamales.

2pm still working.

5:30pm home. dinner eaten, tea.

6pm. two cats chilling. (can you spot black cat, Xiao Mao?)
7pm more computer time at home.
7:30 movie
10 pm bedtime, pjs and slippers
Good night!

>12 of 12 December 2009

>first things first, about 9:30 am Kitty love joins me once I get all settled in to the rocking chair, about 10 am

Serious bird watching goes on for atleast an hour before nap time

11 am breakfast of waffles. Photos of pumpkin waffles with strawberry sauce and whipped cream. delicious!

driving to sherwood

at the Ice Skating rink but no one else from the family was there…

1:30 and we decided to skate anyway, even though I’ve only skated once before, when I was real little, I decided to brave the slippery ice.

we had fun once I learned to let go of the wall.

3pm, Tad skating his last lap
3:30 “lunch” at Izzy’s
5pm Gathering at Tad’s Aunt and Uncle’s
9pm the drive home in the cold dark night.

End of another 12 of 12 year. how fast the time flies. Thanks, as always to Chad Darnell for his 12 of 12 project

>12 of July 12

>Following Chad Darnell’s idea for 12 photos on the 12th day of each month, I give you my 12 of 12: 1. 8am. morning latte in Eugene, in a friend’s beautiful garden.2. 8 -ish, cute kitcat follows me around the garden, plays chase. 3. 8:30-ish, yummy waffles with strawberry mash, blueberries and yogurt. 4. 10:30-ish. Waiting to enter the Oregon Country Fair, I sketch, Tad reads. 5. noon-ish; As we walked through the gates, the thunder rumbled and down came the rain. My toes were getting cold, wet and dirty 6. noon-ish, but we were still having fun. 7. 2pm-ish and the puddle got bigger, the trails got muddier and my mood went up and down…. 8. 4pm-ish. My toes got muddier.9. sometime during the day. We saw fun performances…10. —and great singers.

11. 8 pm-ish, we drove back to Portland after I had cleaned the mud off my feet and put on dry pants and a warm hoodie. Unfortunately, I had no clean shoes, so T and I shared his clean pair of slip on sandals when we used the rest area.

12. 10-ish- showered, warm with a book and hot tea, I was happy to be home

bonus shot: Xiao Mao says “why you gotta leave me? Stay home. Please.”

>12 of June 12, 2009

>here’s my offering for June 2009 12 of 12 Thanks to Chad Darnell!1. morning drive to work, 9:30-ish 2. scenes from my drive (oaks Park in the distance, there.)3. I like this mural in Sellwood:

4. Arriving at work

5. my parking spot, by this tree, who keeps on eye on the caravan

6. Lunch, Trader Joe’s gnocchi al gorgonzola

7.checking my agenda to make sure I’ve done everything I need to do!

8. leaving work, I’m excited to see my shadow

9. Look up to see beautiful blue sky (which isn’t the way the sky looked over my house.)

10. met up with Tad and his brother…walked to QFC, wish I had a pic of the wine sampling (5 different wines.) and the cheese samples…instead I got this shot of the purchasing of doughnuts.

11. at home, we made dessert first: banana splits! Yowzer!

12. to make up for it, I made an awesome salad which included fresh herbs from the garden, veggies, avocado, black olives, sunflower seeds, cashews and yummy vegan ceaser dressing.

the bonus shot: Xiao Mao looking out into the rainy evening.

>12 of 12

>Here are my 12 of 12 pics.8 a.m. lysine for the kitty who scarfs it down on his food

8:30am coffee in my travel press

8:45 a.m. coffee and journaling

9:05 a.m. getting in the van

9:15 a.m. visiting Sagis-cat at the hospital 😦

10 a.m. at work. 2 monitors (love it!)

1 pm. lunch at Roundtable pizza

4:25 pm. Girl Scout van…off to a program with girls

5:15pm. Waiting for the girls to show up, the sky is gorgeous!

5:25 playing around. This is where I was at:

8:30pm Home. Playing with the cat, T-boy goofing off.

>12 of 12- april 2009

>My 12 of 12…started the day with a little tai chi with tad

while also busying myself with taking photos off of my work computer and on to my personal computer

tad’s brother came by and churned up some butter for our potluck

and I made some veggie bacon

tad’s sister made fruit pizza (YUM!)

we had an easter egg hunt in the back “yard”

and we’re still missing one that was hid.

tad and his brother got the ping pong table all set up in the basement

Sagis was interested in my kitchen work

I was making my lunch for tomorrow and heating up a bowl of soup

and doing some dishes

and that was basically my day.

>11 of 12 March

>apparently, i was just one short of my twelve of twelve this month. Here’s what I’ve got.
Morning. I give my avocado plant lots of attention

and talk to Mr. S.

wait for my coffee to brew

mmmm coffee

enjoy the cuppa

the boring hallway at work

trying to capture mt.Hood but I failed

the commute home

stopped at trader joe’s

and went to a clothing swap! Lots of fun clothes! yeah!

>12 of January 12, 2009

>thanks to Chad Darnell and his 12 of 12 photo project idea, I am now trying to remember to document my day on every 12th day of each month. Last year I skipped a couple of months. My goal is to remember each month!

Morning. This note on my agenda helped keep me on track.
My first bleary eyed look at the morning.
A quick workout circa 1991 before work. Thank you,Tami Lee Webb.
Sagis wants me to stay home and play.
My background funny on my new laptop at work. It makes me smile.
My to do folder. Working hard.
T-boy borrowed the van so he was my chauffer. 5pm and already so dark.
We traveled home in warp speed (actually I was testing out my camera’s shutter speed settings.)
Burritos for dinner
A sketch.
Chillaxin at home (this is T’s stand up computer set up to prevent a sore bum.)

That was a bit of my day. Sagis-cat & T-boy showed up 3 times, me, none. 🙂

>Last 12 of 12 for 2008!

>Another 12 of 12, inspired by Chad Darnell morning. 8:30 am homebrew cough syrup (apple cider vinegar, honey and water) cause i’ve been sick for a long time now, coughing but I also needed some homebrew coffee to wake me up.
Sagis demanded his play time before I went to work.
work. HQ for Girl Scouts in Oregon and Southwest Washington
Busy friday at work. The fun and Mischief committee invited us to make paper snow flakes and paper chains. I taped mine on the window.
and decorated my cubicle
4pm getting ready to leave for the day. A quick pic in the bathroom mirror.
on the way home. Sky is clearing up, can just barely see Portland skyline from the Sellwood Bridge.
crossing the bridge.
at home, cozy with Christmas tree lights on. We caught up with The Office and Survivor
ready for bed.
Tad came in to say hi.
See ya next year, 12 of 12!
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>12 of 12, well, actually 10 of 12 sort of

>I had great intentions of remembering to take 12 shots of my day for Chad Darnell’s 12 of 12 project. It started out fairly well. Here’s my usual morning routine: surfing the internet and sipping coffee.
getting ready for work, I always make sure I have my agenda and a sketchbook (just in case)
Here’s my cube at work (can you spot my coffee cup and my agenda book?)
the view from my cube (if I turn around)
getting dark at work, I snapped a couple of shots

driving on I-5 to meet some friends from happy hour
traffic was stop and go; stop and go

just when I was closer to my destination, train.
but not just one train, 2 trains! Blasted

and then I forgot all about my camera and all about the 12 of 12. I remembered laying in bed that, hey!, I didn’t finish the project. But I didn’t get up to take a hurried picture. Oh well.