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Portland Urban Sketchers met up on Se Belmont for a sketchcrawl.  This was my favorite sketch, though more can be found here.
 I did some sketches of my co-workers at an all staff. We got to go visit one of our camp properties, and some of us stayed overnight.
 we played apples to apples
and had a good time at camp
 getting to know folks from different departments or different offices.
 i got to share my love of sketching with folks

 Tad and I had dinner. I started this sketch while Tad went to the bathroom and then had to figure out where he fit in to the scene…it’s not quite right, but good enough for me!

 I had meetings in Oregon City with time between the two to allow me a little time at a new cafe.

 and a chance to eat supper.

I spent last weekend on the coast at a ‘sisterhood retreat’ and got in some sketches…

 i love the ocean room in the beach house. so peaceful!

 we, of course, watched many chick flicks!