>Worldwide Sketchcrawl, January 22, 2011


We met at Boyd’s in SW Portland to do some sketching of downtown. We were lucky to have sunshine and blue skies, though it was still quite chilly to be out.

 I attempted a tree, but it was quite huge and complicated. I also attempted a map, but that too was complicated

 This was my intended subject. This was as far as I got before my bum got too cold and I needed to seek shelter.

 We found an inside location with a view. I wasn’t impressed by this attempt, but I liked being warm!

 I captured Deb sketching on the stairs. I forgot my camera, so this will have to do!

 Ten of us met for lunch and to show off our sketches.  There were a couple of others out sketching, too, but they didn’t join us for lunch.

I went back out for a little more sketching. This was done in the south park blocks.

 I liked this fountain.

It was a great Portland day for a sketchcrawl. We usually have a really good turnout at our sketchcrawls, which is a lot of fun. It is so great to see what other people can do in the same amount of time in approximately the same location. We have some VERY talented people in our group. Kudos to all the Portland Urban Sketchers!

>Martin Luther King Day sketchcrawl


I met up with Marco and Kalina for some sketching in Northwest Portland. We met at Anna Banana’s but I haven’t included the couple of sketches I did there in this post. I have finished two sketchbooks recently so I got to start this new stonehenge pad that I got fromt he symposium. I’m already loving the paper. Here are a couple of sketches from 21st Avenue bar and grill

We then went to The Canvas and met up with more urban sketchers, had dinner and sketched the costumed figure model.

I usually work on Monday nights, so when I have a free monday, I like coming here! The food is great and it is fun to draw the model in such a wonderful atmosphere!