>Video of August 2010 Sketchbook

>I took a video of my August 2010 sketchbook.


12 thoughts on “>Video of August 2010 Sketchbook

  1. >Wonderful! You did all this within one month?! And it's all in color and stuff… I'm really impressed. Your sketchbook is great! You must already have a whole library at home… :)What kind of book is this? A "moleskine sketchbook"? Just asking because the paper doesn't seem wrinkled at all even though you're using watercolor a lot.

  2. >Oh wow! A sketchbook filled in a month =) I can't even do that in a year. I love the pages, the structures you drew, the expressions of the faces…and I really like looking at those seats of the transportation you took in your journey. ^^ It is very beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  3. >Alanna, I love your sketchbook and am so impressed that you filled a whole book in a month! I got to see it in person recently but you were at the other end of the table so I didn't get to tell you how much I enjoyed it. See you Saturday!

  4. >I loved watching your video – thank you for sharing your sketchbook! I have to ask – is it a Moleskine and, if it is – are you using watercolour paints? AND – if you are using watercolours – how do you get them to work in a Moleskine sketchbook? I really struggle!! Great journal, lovely images.

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