>Vacation Illustrated


Here is my vacation, illustrated.
this is probably the most sketching I’ve ever done on a vacation. It sure was fun to do lots of sketching!

4 thoughts on “>Vacation Illustrated

  1. >Wow! You just keep getting better and better! One of my favorites is Chicago to Kansas City. You have so much life in your sketches.( I'm getting lots of ideas for a travel journal.)

  2. >Thanks, Vicky! Yeah, that's one of my favorites, too. I got alot of great feedback from folks who happened to see me sketching en route. I absolutely LOVED filling my time with sketching. i also really enjoyed that handbook sketchbook. I think I will have to get another one of those.

  3. >great job Alanna…well, i think you must visit my country… and get some many view to draw as an ilustration…come and i will be happy to show you my beautiful country…Oh my!!! wait…, are u a backpacker??? if thats right, just come and i'll show you great things, like Bunaken beach, etc….but you have a great talent…

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