>Symposium Sketching part one


I’ve finally decided that now is the time to blog about my experience at the Urban Sketchers Symposium that was held here in Portland July 29-31.
We were given lots of goodies. I started in on my Moleskine, accordian style, sketchbook. I doodled during the lectures.
Lapin’s presentation was interesting and talked about his experience drawing a city in 10 days.
I resonated with Gabi’s remark that there are three types of people out sketching: architects, artists and journalists. I think I fall in to the journalist, or “storyteller” category.
Veronica’s presentation was super emotional. During 9/11 she drew as she was witnessing the twin towers falling in NYC.
Sorry, Simo, this is an awful doodle of you, but I definitely liked your presentation and the energy you put in to collaborative projects!
Matt Brehm’s lecture on Sketching as a social activity really resonated with me. As someone who has actively organized a group of sketchcrawlers, I recognize the importance in my life and find it interesting that it’s not necessarily a new idea.
the lectures were spread out over three days and during the three days, we had field sketching sessions. I first went out with Veronica Lawlor to work on Urban People. As it was Thursday morning & streets were deserted, we had to find the people, so we headed to Powell’s. I started sketching my usual ways, despite Veronica’s tip to use thumbnails.
so i stubbornly continued randomly placing sketches on the page
until I decided I better listen to the tip, as it might help.
and I think I did get a little bit better!
I went out with Simo to explore urban architecture.
but i of course got bored with buildings and went in search of some people to draw instead.
but I did try again to focus on the architecture around me.
in between field sketching sessions, I found lots of opportunities to keep sketching!
…even on the streetcar as urban sketchers crowded in!
I went with Gabi to Pioneer Square to focus on urban composition. Thinking about the story I wanted to tell.
So I sat and sketched the set up for Flicks on the Bricks, which would happen later that evening.
and since Pioneer Square is known as Portland’s Living Room, I couldn’t help but capture this guy:
I also went out with Frank Ching to focus on architecture some more, as I know that’s were I need a lot of practice!
I approached the scene as normal (for some reason I can’t get it to orient the correct way)
And Frank came to give me some tips on how to approach the scene. Following his advice, Here’s what I managed:
From his advice I got some tips for future sketching, which I think will improve my sketches.
….more in next post!

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