>Urban Sketching


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The Urban Sketching Symposium has been wonderful so far. I’ve really enjoyed being with so many other people that just love to go out and sketch! Gabi sneaily took my photo here at Pioneer Square, where we were working on urban composition. Gabi had given a great lecture on the Artist as Storyteller, so we were thinking of the different elements that make up a good composition or story.

When this is all over, I’ll be sure to post some of my sketches. I can’t say that I think they are fantastic sketches, but the learning and the enjoyment that went into them was fantastic!

>Urban Sketchers Symposium- Day one!


Today was the beginning of the Urban Sketchers Symposium.
it was pretty exciting to check in and get our goodie bags and see people i’ve known in the blogosphere!
I started with the Urban People session with Veronica Lawlor.
we went in to Powell’s where you can always find lots of people, even at 9 am on a Thursday morning.
robbie and i got caught sketching
and as you can tell, we’re all bloggers around these parts!
My second session was architecture with Simo Capecchi
many of us took refuge in the shade
until we went up on the roof of the ecotrust building!
Stay tuned…more symposium fun to come!

>If you were to open up my sketchbook, this is what you’d see…


For some reason me and this current sketchbook aren’t totally feeling the love and I’m ready to finish it up and move on to another sketchbook!
But, I thought I’d dump some sketches onto this blog for you to see what i’ve been up to lately. Unfortunately some of the images got turned the wrong way during the upload. Wish I knew how to prevent that, but when I upload them they are the correct orientation.
Well, Enjoy.

>World Cup


Thanks to a houseguest who wanted to catch the game, we were at Bakery Bar at 7am on a Saturday to watch the World cup.

Bakery Bar has some awesome pepper biscuits which was awesome for breakfast, and while the game was fun to watch, I also had fun drawing all the people!

>Desk items, laughing planet and a new bike


it’s kind of slow at work, so I took a few minutes to draw what’s on my desk at work

waiting for our food at laughing planet, I started to draw the buildings, but they’re fast there, so I didn’t finish

 Tad went over to Brad’s to put together my new bike!

i was there for moral support and to draw

zoe dog kept hanging around just enough for me to want to finish a sketch of her

>King Market sketch crawl


 My first sketch of the day at the market

it turned in to a drizzly day, and pretty cool but I managed to keep my pen moving on paper and stay mostly dry

this little girl stopped by to draw with us and later her mom brought us a crepe to share!

an unfinished sketch, it seems

maybe because I started trying to sketch umbrellas

but unfortunately, the umbrellas were attached to moving people

I sketched the gal at the Master Gardener booth who I ran into later that night at a solstice gathering.

hooded sweatshirts were all the rage at the market

despite the rain, the market was well attended

which was good for people watching and attempting to sketch them