>Ace Hotel Sketchcrawl


The Portland Sketchcrawl group (six of us!) met up at the Ace Hotel for some sketching fun.
I decided to try and use a wide variety of supplies….since I carried them with me, I might as well, right?
The guy with the curly hair was definitely my favorite person to draw today! What big hair he had!
i drew a lot in pencil which is not my usual tool to use on sketchcrawls.
but i think it’s good for me to get out of my comfort zone…
and try a bit of everything…but for the last sketch of the day (view from Powell’s cafe), I went back to my trusty Pitt brush pen…

>Past week…


I’m trying to stay busy sketching various goings-on at home. Like buying a video for the kitty boys and sketching the critters in the video and the kitties themselves. I’ve also been watching Texas Ranch House. I did some sketches while watching…and while it was paused so T-boy could run out for some chips.
I’ve also done some sketches while sitting at Palio, a cafe in Ladd’s Addition. I like doing charcoal portraits from photographs. They are such great practice and I love the results!

and, of course, sketched at home…