>Drawing Class

>I took a drawing workshop on Saturday at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. It was a lot of fun and got me all excited to start taking more classes! The end of the 6 hour class we played the portrait game. This is the portrait that was created collaboratively by 5 artists. we learned about facial proportions

we drew the rest of a face

I drew both sides of Fredrick Douglas

we practiced drawing negative space

and used gesture to quickly get the feel of objects

drawing a teapot 10 minute study of teapot

first 10 minute study of teapot

15 second gestures of teapot

after class, I had drawing fever and went home and kept right on drawing using the vine charcoal and graphite sticks

i practiced using gesture, fast moving Xiao Mao was a good model

Sagis was a good model as well

I thumbed through the National Geographic to find faces to draw…

We talked about the magic of drawing. It was refreshing to hold charcoal and get my fingers dirty while I made marks on paper. I usually draw with pen, so this was a nice change.

Looking forward to my next art class….whenever that may be!

>Last weekend

>I met my Portland Sketchcrawl group in the Laurelhurst neighborhood. We were lucky to have a gorgeously dry day complete with sunshine! I had spotted this church one night and just knew I had to try sketching it!
It was definitely difficult, and I made quite a few attempts!

I also attempted the Laurelhurst theater but wasn’t crazy about the results…

despite the sunshine it was chilly outside so I escaped into the warmth of Whole Foods, and sketched Kalina who was sketching various bottles of hot sauces and olive oil.

in the back of my journal, I tried sketching the kitty boys using a brush pen.

and did this doodle while watching movies.

also in my journal…warming up before the sketchcrawl…