>Sketches-around home and around town


The quality of the image is poor, but you’ll get the idea of what i’ve been up to recently!

in my journal…

sagis looking out the window the futon with xiao curled up on the blanket; the rocking chair and cat structure

watching a netflix movie on my laptop

Xiao likes to sit real close on or near me.Kitty boys, nap time

nap time, both boys on my lap.

saturday sketching down in Sellwood. At the Blue Kangaroo:

An expensive lamp at an antique store.

we wandered through two antique shops, drawing what we could see.

I also did some sketching at home, trying out my new water soluble graphite pencil.

“home is where the cats are”

coffee and cats
Sunday sketching at the train station
It was raining all day, but at the end of the day, I sat in my car and drew the train station, adding it in on this sketch of people.
the train station is a good place to draw people!

>12 of January 12, 2010

>5am, getting ready 6am dropping T off at the airport

7am home. coffee. Journal.

8am sellwood. Grand Central Bakery for a cheddar egg biscuit.

8:45 driving over the Sellwood bridge.

noon. Lunch of Trader Joes green chili & cheese tamales.

2pm still working.

5:30pm home. dinner eaten, tea.

6pm. two cats chilling. (can you spot black cat, Xiao Mao?)
7pm more computer time at home.
7:30 movie
10 pm bedtime, pjs and slippers
Good night!