>Recent work

>Oh, Blogger, why are your turning my images sideways?
Okay, everyone, get ready for some neck stretches. Tilt your head to the right, hold,
Tad’s brothers during Thanksgiving. keep holding it to the right, Tad’s dad relaxing…

now, stretch it to the left, and back to the right…a spread I did at the Portland Art Museum

close up


okay, tilt your head to the left. and hold.

now straighten up…


stupid blogger!

this is a sketch I did at home, in my slippers with a cat near my feet.


2 thoughts on “>Recent work

  1. >Hi Alanna, What fun sketches! I especially like the one of family members at Thanksgiving. The soft touches of color add just the right amount of emphasis to the composition, and the figures are well done!

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