>I like sketching….

at work… at restaurants

in the car

during meetings

especially loooooooooong meetings

again, at restaurants

at viewpoints when i’ve forgotten my camera

as a way to warm up before a sketchcrawl

other artists’ work

the view of downtown portland

at the Portland Japanese Garden

in beautiful places

at gorgeous times of the year

when we have visitors in the house

bridges in Portland

and much more!

>25th worldwide sketchcrawl!


I had to work at a conference the day of the actual sketchcrawl, but I got in a couple of sketches: but because i bascially had the same view all day, I got bored of it and only did those two sketches.

I met up with some Portland folks on Sunday at the Kennedy School

it’s a great place to sketch!

with lots of interesting things to see and draw:

and it’s all inside, warm and dry with hot beverages, too!