>More videos to share!

>I’m sharing more of my sketchbooks…

this is the first time i’m opening up a journal to share…my sketchbooks are different from my journals. Sketchbooks are carried around with me so I always have a place to sketch…my journal is at home, where I usually write or doodle or sketch in over coffee in the morning, or when I need a quiet moment to gather my thoughts…but this particular journal seemed to incorporate a lot of sketchbook elements to it, so I thought I’d share it….


>..i’ve been finishing up some sketchbooks
it helped that I was on vacation on the coast for the weekend
and felt inspired to sketch
and didn’t have access to a computer
and had time to wait
and doodle
and do quick scribbles
my latest sketch
with an excerpt from gary snyder’s poem about avocados.

>Yard Sales

>A couple of weekends ago, on my no-plan weekend (where I have no plans for the day and just do as I please.), I rode my bike around, stopping at yard sales. I spent the little bit of cash I had with me, and bought all of this stuff: $2 for these 4 necklaces. One is all paper beads, which is a project I’ve wanted to do…especially now that I see how cool they look!

$1 for this awesome journal!

it did have pages torn out of the front…but it is still very cool and totally worth one dollar.

a book for 50 cents

another book for 50 cents

and a very cool glass bottle that was in the 50 cent box but I got it for a quarter!

and replacement canvas for the sling chair I bought last year at a yard sale for $5. This cost me $1

A good haul, i think!
We recently acquired a twin bed (mattress and box spring) and 3 wooden chairs with cushions all for the low cost of FREE!