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>12 of July 12

>Following Chad Darnell’s idea for 12 photos on the 12th day of each month, I give you my 12 of 12: 1. 8am. morning latte in Eugene, in a friend’s beautiful garden.2. 8 -ish, cute kitcat follows me around the garden, plays chase. 3. 8:30-ish, yummy waffles with strawberry mash, blueberries and yogurt. 4. 10:30-ish. Waiting to enter the Oregon Country Fair, I sketch, Tad reads. 5. noon-ish; As we walked through the gates, the thunder rumbled and down came the rain. My toes were getting cold, wet and dirty 6. noon-ish, but we were still having fun. 7. 2pm-ish and the puddle got bigger, the trails got muddier and my mood went up and down…. 8. 4pm-ish. My toes got muddier.9. sometime during the day. We saw fun performances…10. —and great singers.

11. 8 pm-ish, we drove back to Portland after I had cleaned the mud off my feet and put on dry pants and a warm hoodie. Unfortunately, I had no clean shoes, so T and I shared his clean pair of slip on sandals when we used the rest area.

12. 10-ish- showered, warm with a book and hot tea, I was happy to be home

bonus shot: Xiao Mao says “why you gotta leave me? Stay home. Please.”