>Sketchcrawl July 11, 2009

>Four of us met up for a sketchcrawl…Anne is checking out Linda’s sketchbook.

(crappy photos of my sketches, unfortunately, but you’ll get the idea)warm up doodles first sketch, buddha in the Powell’s window
on Hawthorne

the Bagdad theater…my favorite sketch of the day

working on perspective

definitely need practice!

>12 of July 12

>Following Chad Darnell’s idea for 12 photos on the 12th day of each month, I give you my 12 of 12: 1. 8am. morning latte in Eugene, in a friend’s beautiful garden.2. 8 -ish, cute kitcat follows me around the garden, plays chase. 3. 8:30-ish, yummy waffles with strawberry mash, blueberries and yogurt. 4. 10:30-ish. Waiting to enter the Oregon Country Fair, I sketch, Tad reads. 5. noon-ish; As we walked through the gates, the thunder rumbled and down came the rain. My toes were getting cold, wet and dirty 6. noon-ish, but we were still having fun. 7. 2pm-ish and the puddle got bigger, the trails got muddier and my mood went up and down…. 8. 4pm-ish. My toes got muddier.9. sometime during the day. We saw fun performances…10. —and great singers.

11. 8 pm-ish, we drove back to Portland after I had cleaned the mud off my feet and put on dry pants and a warm hoodie. Unfortunately, I had no clean shoes, so T and I shared his clean pair of slip on sandals when we used the rest area.

12. 10-ish- showered, warm with a book and hot tea, I was happy to be home

bonus shot: Xiao Mao says “why you gotta leave me? Stay home. Please.”