>12 of June 12, 2009

>here’s my offering for June 2009 12 of 12 Thanks to Chad Darnell!1. morning drive to work, 9:30-ish 2. scenes from my drive (oaks Park in the distance, there.)3. I like this mural in Sellwood:

4. Arriving at work

5. my parking spot, by this tree, who keeps on eye on the caravan

6. Lunch, Trader Joe’s gnocchi al gorgonzola

7.checking my agenda to make sure I’ve done everything I need to do!

8. leaving work, I’m excited to see my shadow

9. Look up to see beautiful blue sky (which isn’t the way the sky looked over my house.)

10. met up with Tad and his brother…walked to QFC, wish I had a pic of the wine sampling (5 different wines.) and the cheese samples…instead I got this shot of the purchasing of doughnuts.

11. at home, we made dessert first: banana splits! Yowzer!

12. to make up for it, I made an awesome salad which included fresh herbs from the garden, veggies, avocado, black olives, sunflower seeds, cashews and yummy vegan ceaser dressing.

the bonus shot: Xiao Mao looking out into the rainy evening.

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