>I also made this..

>Today, I took a workshop on how to make herbal tinctures. As part of the class, we each made a tincture of lemon balm. Nice!

As requested, Some more information:
Here’s the gist of what we did. We went out in to the garden and identified the Lemon Balm herb. We then harvested the leaves of the plant and brought it inside. We, then, ‘garbaled’ the plant, which means we sorted through the harvested leaves to make sure everything looked healthy, to take off any ‘woody’ stems and to save any bugs from drowning in alcohol. We then chopped the leaves and stem as fine as possible. We then filled our jars wiht the chopped lemon balm. We filled the jar (so that all the herb was covered) with a menstruum of 66% alcohol (this was made from a bottle of 190 proof alcohol mixed with water…)We capped the jar and wrote out the label! I’m shaking the jar daily for a few weeks. I’ll then strain the mixture through a cheesecloth and maybe a second time through a coffee filter. I’ll pour the finished tincture into a special dark bottle to keep for years!
What will I use this tincture for? lemon balm can treat emotional stress, wintertime lethargy or depression. it’s a gentle sedative and is also a celebrfated anti-viral. It can shorten the duration and severity of cold sores and herpes outbreaks. It can also treat an overactive thyroid gland. It’s also a good anti-inflammatory, great for seasonal allergies. Happy herbaling!
Now, I’m shaking the jar every

3 thoughts on “>I also made this..

  1. >Very cool! How will you use the tincture of lemon balm? I have lots of lemon balm in my yard – I'd love to know how to make the tincture, and what to do with it!I just recently got into aromatherapy and essential oils and I'm loving it!PS – I'm in Portland too!Shelley

  2. >Alanna:Thanks so much for sharing the details of your lemon balm recipe.I took a Native American aromatherapy class recently, and now I am fascinated with the healing uses of herbs and essential oils.I'm going to harvest some of my lemon balm and give this a try.

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