>12 of 12

>Here are my 12 of 12 pics.8 a.m. lysine for the kitty who scarfs it down on his food

8:30am coffee in my travel press

8:45 a.m. coffee and journaling

9:05 a.m. getting in the van

9:15 a.m. visiting Sagis-cat at the hospital šŸ˜¦

10 a.m. at work. 2 monitors (love it!)

1 pm. lunch at Roundtable pizza

4:25 pm. Girl Scout van…off to a program with girls

5:15pm. Waiting for the girls to show up, the sky is gorgeous!

5:25 playing around. This is where I was at:

8:30pm Home. Playing with the cat, T-boy goofing off.

One thought on “>12 of 12

  1. >Ooh, I like the one of you reflected in the door!I was jealous of your two monitors until I saw that one of them was a laptop. I’m angling for two cinema screens.

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