>they do do more than sleep…

>I just capture them sleeping…they move too fast otherwise! especially Xiao Mao (why is this one upside down???)

(stupid blogger, messing up my photo orientation)


>kitty love

>I haven’t reported on Sagis’ health in quite awhile. I’m happy to report that he has finished his meds, is home, eating on his own and he’s gained some weight. He’s not back to his normal 12 lbs, but at 11 lbs, he’s closer! He’s lying in the sun as I type this…here are some sketches to show…more kitty love to come!

>12 of 12

>Here are my 12 of 12 pics.8 a.m. lysine for the kitty who scarfs it down on his food

8:30am coffee in my travel press

8:45 a.m. coffee and journaling

9:05 a.m. getting in the van

9:15 a.m. visiting Sagis-cat at the hospital 😦

10 a.m. at work. 2 monitors (love it!)

1 pm. lunch at Roundtable pizza

4:25 pm. Girl Scout van…off to a program with girls

5:15pm. Waiting for the girls to show up, the sky is gorgeous!

5:25 playing around. This is where I was at:

8:30pm Home. Playing with the cat, T-boy goofing off.