>12 of January 12, 2009

>thanks to Chad Darnell and his 12 of 12 photo project idea, I am now trying to remember to document my day on every 12th day of each month. Last year I skipped a couple of months. My goal is to remember each month!

Morning. This note on my agenda helped keep me on track.
My first bleary eyed look at the morning.
A quick workout circa 1991 before work. Thank you,Tami Lee Webb.
Sagis wants me to stay home and play.
My background funny on my new laptop at work. It makes me smile.
My to do folder. Working hard.
T-boy borrowed the van so he was my chauffer. 5pm and already so dark.
We traveled home in warp speed (actually I was testing out my camera’s shutter speed settings.)
Burritos for dinner
A sketch.
Chillaxin at home (this is T’s stand up computer set up to prevent a sore bum.)

That was a bit of my day. Sagis-cat & T-boy showed up 3 times, me, none. 🙂