Here’s another In the hammock drawing. You can see the house across the road, that dusty dusty road. I was taking a load off after hanging my laundry to dry.

Laundry was done by clearing out my kitchen sink and filling it with cold water and maybe some hot water heated on the electric hotplate. I added some powdered soap (probably Foca) and then started squeezing the soapy water in and out of my clothes, agitating them with the strength of my hands and arms. I did that will all my clothes, piling them up to be rinsed. I let out the soapy water and the began the squeezing out process to get the soap out of each article of clothing. Once rinsed, out they went to be hung on the rope I had strung across my porch.

Of course, if it looked like rain, I didn’t do laundry. As you might imagine, my arms were the most muscley they have ever been. I was also quite thin because I walked most everywhere, catching rides the miles in to town, carrying my shopping with me. I also sweated out any extra calories I might have eaten.


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