>I’ve been sewing…

>Besides hand sewing Zoxsters, I’ve also been working on the sewing machine.
My first major sewing project. It’s far from perfect, and maybe it was a difficult first project! It’s a gratitude wrap from Soule Mama it has all I need to send thank you notes, though I use it for letter writing. It’s got my dates to remember book, address book, stamps, envelopes, paper, stickers…etc
I made a pillow case…
and then decided on a journal wrap in the same style of the gratitude wrap. Journal pocket, pens, and a couple of extra pockets for glue stick or whathaveyou.
here it is wrapped up:
Here’s a pillow I made from some fabric I found at Goodwill. A woman seeing it in my cart came up to me and said she recognized the fabric from when she was a teenager. She had made it into a skirt.
And here is a microwaveable heating pad
and in it’s washable case.
I made festive party decorations
here’s a more detailed shot:


One thought on “>I’ve been sewing…

  1. >You’ve been busy!! I like the idea of hand-sewn party decs, and your gratitude wrap looks fabulous. I recently came into possession of a beautiful vintage sewing machine and have cut some fabric ready to make a version of the pencil wrap from “The Creative Family”, as a gift for my little girl for christmas. Feeling a little daunted at the idea of having to sew all those straight lines …

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