>12 of 12!

>Here’s my 12 of 12, a project to document your day with 12 photographs, started by Chad Darnell.Coffee….a great way to start the day.
Sagis usually likes to play with his feather toy, but he didn’t care for the photographs.
took the van in to the mechanic today. Spark plugs went bad.
city of roses. so true.
I love meeting kitties on the street..
especially friendly ones.
I stopped by the bakery on my walk home (post breakfast journaling, see post below this one.)
great view of the city from my walk.
I can’t have a 12 of 12 without a shadow pic.
I came home and worked on a project. I sketched my inventory of Zoxsters I’d like to start selling them, but I’m trying to come up with catchy names for each one- sort of a unique personality of them. I sketched them to try and help me get creative…
dinner was a quick slice of pizza heated up.
here are the cards of 28 Zoxsters that I sketched. I have 30 of these creatures, but 2 aren’t pictured- they’re the first creatures I’ve made so I can’t part with them.

Hope you enjoyed my day! Now it’s popcorn and a Netflix.

>Today, in my journal

>Wow, this is a first! I took my car in to the mechanics and then walked home. On the way I stopped and sketched. This is the first time I’ve finished two pages and scanned and posted them to my blog all before noon!!!
I’ve been reading d.price’s Moonlight Chronicles…maybe that has inspired me some?

>City of Bridges, Blog of Bridge sketches


I have some sketches of bridges in Portland to share. The scans didn’t come out very good, but you get the idea. Bridges are very challenging structures to sketch. This one above, done today, is of the Hawthorne Bridge just before they lowered it, changing my view of the skyline.

these two sketchs are of the same bridge, the Ross Island Bridge, using two different Pigma Micron pens and focusing on different sides of the river in the sketch.

I’ve sketches more than this, this week, but those sketches in my journal aren’t really for public viewing. sorry!

I am inspired by the latest editions of Moonlight Chronicles that d.price sent me in the mail, but my journals aren’t yet for public viewing.