>Neglected Blog, please don’t hate me


Blogging has not been a priority.

and honestly, neither has sketching
but on vacation, I did make an effort
and captured some things in my journal and sketchbook
I enjoyed focusing on the scene and trying to record it with pen and paper
and enjoy the quiet relaxation of drawing
here’s a sketch from imagination of my dream house:
inspired by the sandcastle I built
we had a good vacation which included lots of beach play time
Sagis missed us, though.
this is a corner in sellwood that I enjoyed seeing
it was hard to draw on the boat, consequently, Tad hates this sketch of him
the lighthouse is a St. Joe landmark
Tad poses
i love seagulls


>Out of the Habit

>I’m out of the habit of sketching daily, though I am still sketching from time to time. I’m also out of the habit of scanning in my sketches right away and posting them on this blog.
But it’s on my to do list.