>sketch dump!

>On the sketchcrawl I went on by myself (which for some reason was hard for me to just sit and draw) I only completed two sketches, both in Sellwood, a neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. 
Sellwood used to be its own town until it was annexed by the city of Portland. It has an interesting history and a small town feel to it.
Tad and I went out sketching one evening, found a bench overlooking the river next to some homes with gorgeous gardens. I love the northwest! But trees and leaves are so hard to draw!
at home, last night, feeling guilty for the marathon dvd watching (season four of six feet under), I decided to sketch while I watch.
I may have posted this already, but as a photo. I sketched the Ocean while enjoying a morning cup of coffee. (beach house near Lincoln City)

at the KOA campground in Leavenworth, WA
at the Ugly Mug coffee house in Sellwood
roses in our yard
the Sellwood bridge. I sketched this before I knew that Bridge drawing was on of the Everyday matters challenges
I am using Tad’s computer and scanner, so it has been a bit of a learning curve to figure out how things work on a mac (not as easy as my pc) and how to get done what I want done.

Now, I think I have the idea and will be able to post my sketches from time to time. Just need to focus on drawing. It’s weird how not having a job doesn’t make me want to spend time drawing…it just makes me nervous. I think having a job balances me and helps me to appreciate the free time I get to sit and draw.
I’d love any of your prayers, thoughts, wishes sent my way to help me land a decent job!

7 thoughts on “>sketch dump!

  1. >From your sketches, it looks like you are settling into your new area very well! It IS beautiful up there (I have family in Milwaukie) but it’s beautiful because it rains so much, which is a far cry from Tucson!! Oh I will pray for you and your job hunting. When you are used to working, it most certainly is hard to NOT be! I used to be more organized when I worked–you have to be in order to have time to do anything fun.

  2. >Time always seems to drag on when you’re looking for a job, but then when you look back you think – “that didn’t really take long!”It’s such a shame that when we have time like that we never want to do things like drawing – it will happen soon, I’m sure Alanna!Very nice sketches in the meantime – thanks for sharing.

  3. >Wow a lot of wonderful sketching here! I saw a couple of episodes for Six feet under. I couldnt get into it. It depressed me lol, but I hear that they have won awards for the show

  4. >Welcome to Oregon! You really went from the fire to the water didn’t you! it is a beautiful place isn’t it!Lovely sketches and photos. Hope life settles in shortly. Is Sagis home yet?

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