>sketch dump!

>On the sketchcrawl I went on by myself (which for some reason was hard for me to just sit and draw) I only completed two sketches, both in Sellwood, a neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. 
Sellwood used to be its own town until it was annexed by the city of Portland. It has an interesting history and a small town feel to it.
Tad and I went out sketching one evening, found a bench overlooking the river next to some homes with gorgeous gardens. I love the northwest! But trees and leaves are so hard to draw!
at home, last night, feeling guilty for the marathon dvd watching (season four of six feet under), I decided to sketch while I watch.
I may have posted this already, but as a photo. I sketched the Ocean while enjoying a morning cup of coffee. (beach house near Lincoln City)

at the KOA campground in Leavenworth, WA
at the Ugly Mug coffee house in Sellwood
roses in our yard
the Sellwood bridge. I sketched this before I knew that Bridge drawing was on of the Everyday matters challenges
I am using Tad’s computer and scanner, so it has been a bit of a learning curve to figure out how things work on a mac (not as easy as my pc) and how to get done what I want done.

Now, I think I have the idea and will be able to post my sketches from time to time. Just need to focus on drawing. It’s weird how not having a job doesn’t make me want to spend time drawing…it just makes me nervous. I think having a job balances me and helps me to appreciate the free time I get to sit and draw.
I’d love any of your prayers, thoughts, wishes sent my way to help me land a decent job!

>Nonessential things to know about me

>I saw this meme floating around, and though i was not tagged, i thought I’d give it a try.

Six nonessential things you can know about me:
…i don’t really like calling people on the phone. I have a cell phone, but I hardly ever use it. I don’t have a home phone, though, so I keep it. (this pic shows me actually talking on my cell phone!)
 …walking down the street, i can always spot the neighborhood kitties. I usually start talking to them in a syrupy voice, usually reserved for babies and my cat, and I try to pet them. I am overjoyed when they come up to me. I’ll stop and pet them for as long as my walking companion can stand it.
..I started keeping a diary when I was 7. It had a lock on it and Lucy from Peanuts on the cover with a word bubble saying “keep out” on it. My sister knew how to open the lock. She’d write responses to my diary entries, which would annoy the heck out of me. I stopped keeping a daily diary until she was out of the house. i started again in highschool. I did actually get rid of some of those highschool diaries, because they were so embarrassing! And how many pages do I need of me talking about how I walked past my crush in the halls? none. thanks.
…when I was four, my mom tried to get me into modeling. I have some really cute photos taken of me professionally, but when we did a live show and I had to walk in front of a lot of strangers and say something I had memorized, I broke in to tears. Turned out I had stage fright. It took a long time to get up in front of people to talk. I hated public speaking class in high school. I did better in college when I had to get up and speak in French to give a presentation. Strange. Now, it’s not much of a problem. I’ve been the emcee at a conference, with 200 folks in attendance; spoken in front of a group of teachers at a staff meeting; been on camera to recruit high school students on their school news broadcast…etc
…i never (or very rarely and only on clearance from some cheap place) buy my clothing new. I always shop second hand. It started in highschool when ‘grunge’ wear was “in fashion”…add the fact that I’m cheap, and it is the perfect combo for me. I discovered a Goodwill store near my new place that is an outlet store. That means you buy things by the pound. oh yeah! I went crazy in there a week or so ago. I bought a whole heap of cool weather gear (coming from tucson I didn’t have too much) and I bought all kinds of great things: fleece vests, wool sweaters, long sleeve t-shirts and many of these were in perfect condition with labels like Gap, Old Navy, Patagonia and Columbia! By the way, I paid $27 and I got 27 tops, 3 books, a cappucino mug, some glass ware, 2 pillows and a pillow case. Can’t beat that. We went back and bought our tv there, too. (this is one of my senior pictures. I am most likely wearing thrift store goodies! One of my other poses, I’m wearing a flannel shirt that I actually found in a lost and found box at work. nice.)
Well, there you have it. 6 nonessential things about me.


>I’m alive. Just not doing too much in the way of sketching-blogging. We are settling in to our new place & neighborhood…(this is me in Washington)…and we just got internet hooked up at home…I will be sketching-blogging again soon as I get back into the routine of it all! Hope everyone is well.

P.S. Sagis is still at “summer camp”, enjoying the rural life before he makes the move to city life again. We wanted to settle in at home before we move him from Tad’s parents’ place. I miss him though!

>Road Trip Journal Pages- Tucson to Oregon

>Back on the blogroll. I haven’t been sketching too much, but I did sketch on the road.

 day one: Tucson to Gorman, CAday 2 gorman to reddin, CA

Not too much to sketch but road and trucks…

day 3: Redding to Dayton, Oregon. Northern California into Oregon is just beautiful. We stopped in Ashland to look at some Dome houses we saw and 3 deer were hanging out nearby.
some close ups of some of the drawings.

We made it safely to Oregon with no troubles. My scanner (with broken copier/printer option) did not make the final cut into the loading process, so I had to take a pic of the drawings. Actually, tad has a scanner i will use when we get it unpacked and all set up. Unfortunately I haven’t been drawing too much, but hope to get back in to the routine of it soon.