>May’s 12 of 12

>Starting out May 12, taking photos, I took this shot of the cactus in bloom in front of our house, 7am as I waited for Tad to come out for our morning walk.

and noticing nature around us. Saguaro in bloom:
pretty flowers against blue wall
at work, 8am, checking e-mail
walked to Ike’s for a latte 9am
noon- Wyatt (our neighbor’s cute pup) greeted me at the door. I made him sit and then gave him a cat treat.
noontime- Had a really nice drink- squeezed some limes and a Tucson grown orange. Blended it up with ice, water and sugar and a bit of basil. Yum!
4pm At the school, they have a pond with these cute ducklings hanging out. So cute!
7pm- OPA! Flaming cheese…I forget the name of the greek cheese that they set on fire here at Opa! a greek restaurant here. Yummy spanikopita platter for dinner
with our neighbors (Wyatt’s parents) who are soon moving away.
8:30pm and a bonus shot, Sagis-cat. Add your ideas for what he’s saying in the comment box.
Chad Darnell started this whole 12 of 12 business. Click on me to see who else is particpating all over the world.

7 thoughts on “>May’s 12 of 12

  1. >That’s so funny you gave the dog a cat treat after getting him to sit. You’re so bad, I love it!!Was the Greek restaurant, My Big Fat Greek Restaurant? Looks like the one I used to go to when living in Phoenix.Thanks for sharing your day!!

  2. >Heh, looks like Sagis-cat is laughing at some joke to me!Looks like great weather, and yay for eating out! Though boo for people moving away.(do you have a macro button on your camera? Has the infinity symbol – an 8 on its side. Hit that, and it will focus on anything close up and soften the background – rather than the camera automatically focusing on the background).Helen (Dogeared, 12er)

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