>30 things

Thirty things I did to celebrate my birthday:

  1. had cake with co-workers
  2. watched Lost and Grey’s Anatomy
  3. Went to Chocolate Iguana for a latte
  4. Ate pie and ice cream with friends
  5. got a present from Julius and Grace
  6. Saw the Bank Job
  7. Received a wonderful present from my mom (scrapbook of my life)
  8. cried over the scrapbook
  9. talked to mom on the phone
  10. went for a walk
  11. chopped off my hair (and donated it to Locks of Love)
  12. drew my self portrait (before hair cut)
  13. ate (free) lunch at Govinda’s
  14. Festival of the Sun at Catalina State park (ate solar cooked goodies at the potluck)
  15. hiked to Montrose Pools and nearly died (not really) of heat stroke
  16. took a walk with Julius and Grace (saw a skunk carcass and a rabbit -alive)
  17. talked to Dad on the phone
  18. listened to Balkan Spirit at the Casbah with Julie and Prasenjit
  19. got beautiful flowers from Amy, Steve, Jake and Josh
  20. talked to Colette on the phone
  21. got a nice gift from Tad’s fam
  22. had (free)breakfast & serenade at Silver Lining (got a cd of Sarah and Jason’s music)
  23. Played at the Children’s Museum with kid friends and Daniela gave me a travel journal
  24. made a wish and ate cheesecake while watching Project Runway
  25. Went to a Pie Party (vegan pies) and then checked out the community garden
  26. Took a long walk around campus (walking off all the desserts!)
  27. Got nice cards in the mail and sweet b’day messages via email
  28. Happy B’day banners hung in my office at work
  29. Went to lunch with co-workers at Enoteca
  30. sketched and journaled

painting by friend, Julius

One thought on “>30 things

  1. >Wow, you had a wonderful birthday Alanna. You cut your hair??? How short for goodness sakes-it was really long.So happy that you had a happy day.

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