>Project from Keys to Drawing draw a tinted glass bottle…. first sketch of the day, a bit wonky. sketched in my Strathmore sketch book. Water tower in Tucson, sketched in my small WC moleskine

cutie neighbor dog, sketched in wc Mole
Keys to Drawing project, draw a mechanical object. so here is part of Tad’s bike
Five minute burn: sketch of the corner of the living room
Copy a master, here’s a Henri Matisse

WC Mole doodles

with wc wash (used Pilot pen for sketches)
here’s a close up of the Tad doodle
girls at Laguna, sketched in pencil with wc wash
waiting for a train, I didn’t like this sketch, but adding some wc to it has made it better.

today at starbucks…

later with wc wash
at the zoo on earth day
adding wc, I forgot that I used my Pilot pen
Dizzy G’s for lunch in downtown Tucson

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