>12 of 12 April 2008: Fun is Free


Woke up this morning at 8am and noticed how windy it was: went in to work and snapped this pic frommy parking spot. Nice thing about Saturdays: no traffic downtown and free meters.

Home again, this guy was parked at our apartment complex:

Laundry day:

putting resumes out into Portlandia…

Needed a break, so took a mile walk

stopped for this kitty friend I met along the way with a bent up, broken tail

random, from the hip shot as I walked:


another random from the hip shot as I walked, The Rock, with young hipsters and punks hanging out:

for dinner (green!)

Treated myself to a latte, a chat with a friend and some book browsing (and yes I did buy as well.)

Bonus pic. It was a beautiful sun shiny day inTucson as usual. 12 of 12 started by Chad Darnell
Bonus picture #2: Boredom is a con! Fun is Free!


6 thoughts on “>12 of 12 April 2008: Fun is Free

  1. >So was there a green theme to your 12 this month? ;-)Great little tour of Tucson, and gave me a few minutes of vicarious sunshine (it’s 10:40pm and cold and dark here right now!).Good luck with the resume submissions!(I’m late to commenting as I got back late on the 14th, which is why my 12 of 12 was up late)Helen (Dogeared)http://www.dogearedphotos.blogspot.com

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