>April 2 and April 4 Sketches!

>Wednesday, I found myself with a moment to sketch, so in Bookman’s I sat down in a comfy chair and looked at this scene: It wasn’t until the guy came and started really examining the things on the shelf that I felt inspired to sketch.

For my friday day off, I wanted to make an effort to sketch. I set off on my bike and after a stop at the bank, I headed down to Fourth Avenue where there was lots of action. First, I sketched this trolley. Just as I was finishing the sketch, the trolly headed eastward down the track.
I walked around the fair checking out the artwork, testing out the hammocks, popping in to the bookstore and El Ojito Springs Center before finding a good resting spot in the shade to sketch this scene:

Here is a close up of each page:

As I was doing this, many folks stopped to watch or at least glanced at what I was doing. One guy complimented me as he went past: That is a really good drawing, he said.

At the K-9 Kool hats booth, This guy, Marvin, was holding court. I couldn’t resist standing there and sketching him. Most people came up, mesmerized by Marvin and didn’t notice at first that I was sketching the sleepy pup. I got compliments, though, when people did notice. As I was leaving, the guy running the booth wanted to see the sketch and then he said he applauded me for doing that!


2 thoughts on “>April 2 and April 4 Sketches!

  1. >I just love your trolley and the street fair. Very fun seeing the zoomed in versions! There is nothing like a sketch crawl to make you want to crawl some more, is there!Lisa

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