>30 things

Thirty things I did to celebrate my birthday:

  1. had cake with co-workers
  2. watched Lost and Grey’s Anatomy
  3. Went to Chocolate Iguana for a latte
  4. Ate pie and ice cream with friends
  5. got a present from Julius and Grace
  6. Saw the Bank Job
  7. Received a wonderful present from my mom (scrapbook of my life)
  8. cried over the scrapbook
  9. talked to mom on the phone
  10. went for a walk
  11. chopped off my hair (and donated it to Locks of Love)
  12. drew my self portrait (before hair cut)
  13. ate (free) lunch at Govinda’s
  14. Festival of the Sun at Catalina State park (ate solar cooked goodies at the potluck)
  15. hiked to Montrose Pools and nearly died (not really) of heat stroke
  16. took a walk with Julius and Grace (saw a skunk carcass and a rabbit -alive)
  17. talked to Dad on the phone
  18. listened to Balkan Spirit at the Casbah with Julie and Prasenjit
  19. got beautiful flowers from Amy, Steve, Jake and Josh
  20. talked to Colette on the phone
  21. got a nice gift from Tad’s fam
  22. had (free)breakfast & serenade at Silver Lining (got a cd of Sarah and Jason’s music)
  23. Played at the Children’s Museum with kid friends and Daniela gave me a travel journal
  24. made a wish and ate cheesecake while watching Project Runway
  25. Went to a Pie Party (vegan pies) and then checked out the community garden
  26. Took a long walk around campus (walking off all the desserts!)
  27. Got nice cards in the mail and sweet b’day messages via email
  28. Happy B’day banners hung in my office at work
  29. Went to lunch with co-workers at Enoteca
  30. sketched and journaled

painting by friend, Julius


>Project from Keys to Drawing draw a tinted glass bottle…. first sketch of the day, a bit wonky. sketched in my Strathmore sketch book. Water tower in Tucson, sketched in my small WC moleskine

cutie neighbor dog, sketched in wc Mole
Keys to Drawing project, draw a mechanical object. so here is part of Tad’s bike
Five minute burn: sketch of the corner of the living room
Copy a master, here’s a Henri Matisse

WC Mole doodles

with wc wash (used Pilot pen for sketches)
here’s a close up of the Tad doodle
girls at Laguna, sketched in pencil with wc wash
waiting for a train, I didn’t like this sketch, but adding some wc to it has made it better.

today at starbucks…

later with wc wash
at the zoo on earth day
adding wc, I forgot that I used my Pilot pen
Dizzy G’s for lunch in downtown Tucson


I know. I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve been busy (i’ve been drawing) but I’m getting ready for the move to Portland in one month. I promise to post before I sell my scanner (Tad still has a scanner I could use.)

>12 of 12 April 2008: Fun is Free


Woke up this morning at 8am and noticed how windy it was: went in to work and snapped this pic frommy parking spot. Nice thing about Saturdays: no traffic downtown and free meters.

Home again, this guy was parked at our apartment complex:

Laundry day:

putting resumes out into Portlandia…

Needed a break, so took a mile walk

stopped for this kitty friend I met along the way with a bent up, broken tail

random, from the hip shot as I walked:


another random from the hip shot as I walked, The Rock, with young hipsters and punks hanging out:

for dinner (green!)

Treated myself to a latte, a chat with a friend and some book browsing (and yes I did buy as well.)

Bonus pic. It was a beautiful sun shiny day inTucson as usual. 12 of 12 started by Chad Darnell
Bonus picture #2: Boredom is a con! Fun is Free!

>sketch dump!


I’ve been busy, not with EDM challenges, but sketching in general. I just recently finished Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing by Frederick Frank and really enjoyed it. I’m now working through Keys to Drawing by B. Dodson I’m trying to practice a bit what I read.
On to the sketch dump!

in my Moleskine journal (sketchbook)

my feet while sitting in the hammock

Another Origami book
doodles at Laguna elementary

In my small water color moleskine
quick drawing during lunch on a cold rainy day in Tucson!

quick sketch of people

sketched at Sabino Canyon- the visitor’s center

at the dam:

the Benedictine Sanctuary…this is something I’ve wanted to sketch for a while now.

In my Strathmore sketchbook:

Tad plays fiddle and is unknowingly my model

The first project in Keys to Drawing

Project-hand from an unusual angle and more doodles

Project: Pepper

Project: eyes and bonus self portrait (my hair is not really white nor is my face that dirty)

I recently bought new shoes to help kick start my exercise regime

>April 2 and April 4 Sketches!

>Wednesday, I found myself with a moment to sketch, so in Bookman’s I sat down in a comfy chair and looked at this scene: It wasn’t until the guy came and started really examining the things on the shelf that I felt inspired to sketch.

For my friday day off, I wanted to make an effort to sketch. I set off on my bike and after a stop at the bank, I headed down to Fourth Avenue where there was lots of action. First, I sketched this trolley. Just as I was finishing the sketch, the trolly headed eastward down the track.
I walked around the fair checking out the artwork, testing out the hammocks, popping in to the bookstore and El Ojito Springs Center before finding a good resting spot in the shade to sketch this scene:

Here is a close up of each page:

As I was doing this, many folks stopped to watch or at least glanced at what I was doing. One guy complimented me as he went past: That is a really good drawing, he said.

At the K-9 Kool hats booth, This guy, Marvin, was holding court. I couldn’t resist standing there and sketching him. Most people came up, mesmerized by Marvin and didn’t notice at first that I was sketching the sleepy pup. I got compliments, though, when people did notice. As I was leaving, the guy running the booth wanted to see the sketch and then he said he applauded me for doing that!