>12 of 12- March 2008

>It’s that time again! Chad Darnell’s 12 of 12 project inspired me a couple of months back to document my 12 of 12. Unfortunately, this month, I kept forgetting I was doing the 12 of 12, so I have to post crappy photos (I usually take TONS of pics so that I have some interesting shots to choose from. Not so this time.)

Early morning, I woke EARLY!
and noticed this on my calendar…
sitting at the dining table watching the world lighten up outside the window

at work, the parking lot
self portrait, no flash, so awfully blurry pic of me in the office bathroom
at home, Sagis wanted out (see Bob beyond the security door?)

Bob came by for a bite to eat.

I noticed I have a wildflower growing near the parsley (see the little yellow bud?)

Went to a silent art auction gala event where I donated a framed print of a water color sketch I did. It ended up being sold for $40!Here is a silkscreen print that my friend Robbie did:

me and some teenagers who I worked with 2 years or so ago…they’ve grown up quite a bit.

free flowers I got from the gala event…

Bonus pic: the decorated toilet seat that Robbie and I were having a bidding war on! (he won.)

so, there you have it. My 12 of 12 for March 2008 is complete.


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