>I suck (at blogging) this week

>I suck at blogging and sketching this week. I was a little under the weather. Well, let’s see. I have been creative this week. On monday I made a sympathy doll (posed here with the valentine’s day rose tad gave me)and a heart pillow.
On Tuesday I did my 12 of 12. Here are some napkin rings I made a couple of weeks ago: Friday night I sketched a self portrait with the etch a sketch
Here’s a not so good pic of us playing the valentine’s day game I made for Tad.

…But on with the sketches. These are posted some what randomly.

Last sunday I sketched at Romero Pools: Quick sketch while making a good dinner
Tad at Silver Lining cafe…we had watched Kite Runner, so when Tad’s beard turned out wonky cause he moves so much, I thought it looked like a Taliban style beard.
popcorn kernel

at caffe diva
at the school Monday the 4th, it was a rainy cool day, so we stayed in and read.


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