>Finally, a blog update!

>in my journal…. I had so much fun making them, I also decided to sketch them in my journal:
more creatures:
doodles at a work meeting…not much note taking, but lots of drawing!

I bought Goldsmith’s The deserted Village and other Poems to sketch in. First sketch:
on my bookshelf
tea time!
In my Moleskine wc notebook (smallest).
In the bath

blood oranges
a tree that I started to sketch but didn’t finish…so added water color and called it done
my purse, sketched over the course of two days
in my van killing time.

Tad playing fiddle

Waiting to pick up Tad at the airport at sunset. Killing time, sketched El Pueblo Center while listening to the audio book “the voice on the radio”

I had a little wait in a classroom at Sunnyside High, so I sketched these 2 girls listening to a lecture on Kansas/Nebraska act and popular sovreignity. lastnight at Casbah, while listening to Paul D play, I sketched this statue until I got my [vegetarian] shepherd’s pie

6 thoughts on “>Finally, a blog update!

  1. >Alanna, these sketches are fabulous. You have improved so much. I love the one in the tub-too funny. And I ‘m glad to see Sagis made it to the pages also.

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