>Peace Corps sketches, 2001-2003

>In honor of Peace Corps week, I wanted to post some of the sketches I did while serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Belize. I had to dig around to find these sketches…I know there were more, but they must be buried in boxes in storage… This is what I scavenged.

Here’s a portrait I did of my friend Thom. He passed away in July 2003. I wrote a eulogy and read it at his funeral.

Here’s a self portrait.

Tiempo (spanish for Time) was doing time in my landlord’s yard…always chained up, never allowed to run free.

a journal doodle…


stayed at a friend’s place…no electricity, in the jungle…hand cranked blender to make mixed drinks…ah, paradise!

on the bus…this is one of my favorite sketches.

I scanned this one in weird so that it would actually show up…

doodle of me, a cat, and my little cabin in the hills

sketched from a third story balcony while sitting in the hammock.

my foot, sketched while a friend hacked down grass to feed the horses.

Dean, one of the twins, at my house coloring.


hard to see: fruit in a bowl


flower cut out and pasted on dark background


I hope you enjoyed traveling back in time with me!


>Peace Corps Week!

>Here’s a photo of me as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Belize, 2001-2003. I was an Environmental Education Coordinator, but my secondary project was teaching Jumpstart English. The idea was to prepare spanish speaking preschoolers for the English speaking school system. For this particular session, I was in charge of art projects (which, of course, I loved!)

click here and then click on the album titled “In Belize, Land of the Free” to see some more of my Peace Corps photos in honor of Peace Corps Week.

On March 1, 1961 President John F. Kennedy, Jr. signed the legislation that brought the Peace Corps into being. Over the years that date…and now the whole week around that date…has been a collective occasion for returned volunteers to share their Peace Corps experience and host country culture in fulfillment of the third goal of Peace Corps*.

*[Most people associate Peace Corps service with the two years a volunteer spends overseas in a host community, (1) helping that country meet its needs for trained workers and (2) promoting a better understanding of Americans. Less known is the third goal of Peace Corps: to promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans.]

This is a picture in my house. I loved that house! I handwashed my laundry in that sink and did dishes there, too.

I did some sketching while in the Peace Corps…I should find those and scan them in to post them!

>Fiddlin around

>Tad entered a fiddlin contest today and I went to support him and do some sketching.

I pulled out my pen and was suprised to find that I had bought unknowingly a Pigma Graphic instead of a Pigma Micron pen. Not totally sure how the pen would feel, I decided I better warm in my notebook rather than my Moleskine. Here are the resulting sketches…

trying to draw the dogs who move around a lot.

getting the hang of it, but not in the mood to try and capture any sort of scene.

the dogs were just so cute, that I couldn’t resist trying to capture them on paper.

below, this was a semi blind contour of a gal lying down (actually, the same gal who was sitting up.)

sorry, no fiddles in the sketches.

>First Time Exhibiting

>Dinnerware Art Space had a Night of 1,000 Drawings where they invited folks to submit 1 or 2 drawings (actually “drawings” was a really loose term and other things were submitted: collage, sculpture, books, photographs..etc) and they had a really nice reception Thursday night. I submitted the saguaro on a paperbag, first posted here and I can’t find where the gate sketch is…oh well. All art was donated to Dinnerware. If anything sold, the proceeds would benefit Dinnerware (which is nonprofit) Tad also submitted some art!

>Sagis on the scanner

>I left the scanner open and Sagis decided it was the perfect place to do a quick belly wash. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to scan him in! Yes, the moving parts freaked him out (probably not good for his eyes to look in to the light) and he ended up jumping down before the scan completed..I like the crazy nature of this image: look at those cute little paws!

>I suck (at blogging) this week

>I suck at blogging and sketching this week. I was a little under the weather. Well, let’s see. I have been creative this week. On monday I made a sympathy doll (posed here with the valentine’s day rose tad gave me)and a heart pillow.
On Tuesday I did my 12 of 12. Here are some napkin rings I made a couple of weeks ago: Friday night I sketched a self portrait with the etch a sketch
Here’s a not so good pic of us playing the valentine’s day game I made for Tad.

…But on with the sketches. These are posted some what randomly.

Last sunday I sketched at Romero Pools: Quick sketch while making a good dinner
Tad at Silver Lining cafe…we had watched Kite Runner, so when Tad’s beard turned out wonky cause he moves so much, I thought it looked like a Taliban style beard.
popcorn kernel

at caffe diva
at the school Monday the 4th, it was a rainy cool day, so we stayed in and read.

>Tagged…a blog meme

>Teri C tagged me! Five things. I’m supposed to tell you five, intriguing, fascinating things about me. Hmmm…Teri’s five things centered around her art…Let’s see if I can do something similar.

1. Monday night I made a “sympathy doll” that I had found here; as well as a small heart pillow and a catnip toy for Sagis. Sagis promptly ripped it open to get at the catnip. Ah well…

2. I am trying to learn how to knit. I have needles, some yarn and some Dummies guides to knitting. I’ve also watched some online videos, but I so far have not been able to get in the knitting groove.

3. I am playing in my journal more frequently. I’m pasting things in, such as ticket stubs, things sent to me, and other random goodies. I’m doodling in my journal and adding lots of color. I just recently started a new journal and liked that my last journal was very vibrant, and had a scrapbook feel to it, with cards, letters and things glued in. I vowed to do the same for this current journal. I’m not scanning in my journal work as much as I used to.

4. I’m still sketching, but I haven’t posted much recently. I am using a small water color moleskine. It’s the perfect size. I will have to add color to some recent sketches and post them soon.

5. Other creative endeavors of late include: altered book project (I started another altered book, but I kind of fell out of love with it and ignored it. When Tad was gone for a week, I pulled it out again and started to love it again!); doodles about my day in a monthly agenda (based on what other folks have done. I keep it at work, though, and spend a minute or two to record a thought on the day before, usually accompanied by a doodle) and I’m cooking, sometimes from a recipe and other times just by throwing things together. Nothing too extravagant, but our meals, and such….

Not sure who else to Tag…maybe I’ll tag some non Everyday Matters folks…hmmm

1. Sina of fogstorm– a fellow Tucsonite, she’s a crafter of words, a photographer and she knits, too.
2. Julie of Idea Rodeo -also residing in Tucson, is full of great ideas and likes to be crafty, especially with collage.
3. Jon of Foibles and follies-in the rainy pacific northwest, is busy learning all things business, but likes to share himself in the blogosphere
4. Nicole of Turtle Land another Tucson dweller, is a great sketch and collage artist. She has lovely teapots.
and 5. YOU, the reader who wants to be tagged, but no one has asked you yet. please comment with your blog address so that I can read your 5 things!

I was last tagged here.

>12 of 12 February 2008: sick day

>This month’s 12 of 12 ( Chad Darnells’ project )isn’t very exciting. I woke up in the middle of the night with a major migraine, complete with nausea. 😦 but I still was in the car by 8;36, never mind that I was supposed to be at work at 8 (which is when I got out of bed) I took a couple of shots, despite not feeling good: the drive in to work

But I didn’t stay at work very long, I realized I didn’t feel good and needed to go home.

10 am or so -Think I was dehydrated, so I tried to drink lots of water. This has EmergenC in it. I got in bed and watched 6 episodes of Mad About You (old show, I know)
Before falling asleep about 1pm.
woke at 4pm or so and walked to get the mail. It was a beautiful day, mid-70s and sunny. A day like that I prefer not to be sick!
the path home

from 4pm-5:30 I did some reading. I’m reading Dead Men hike no trails.

and then I started preparing a simple dinner (steamed veggies and rice)
complete with chamomile/peppermint tea (to soothe me)
after dinner, about 7pm, we decided to go watch a Netflix. This stupid sock creature was hanging out in the bedroom, and thought I’d take a pic. Tad and I like to change the creatures around to surprise each other and make us giggle…I giggled to see Rayas here skydiving with my bra.
Tad is very excited to watch a Netflix! It was the documentary, The end of Suburbia.

that’s it. No bonus pic, not even a photo of Mr. S. So sorry. I just realized that Sagis didn’t get in on the pics. That’s what happens when I do a 12 of 12 when I’m not feeling well!