>Loving my Moleskine

>I’m really loving my small water color Moleskine sketchbook and look for good excuses to sit and sketch in it. Today I took my van in for an oil change and to figure out what’s wrong with it that it’s flashing the “check engine light” at me [turns out the oxygen sensor is bad and I need to replace it to the tune of $250 +…this is why I didn’t own a car for so long!] killing some time, nothing to sketch but cars…

I enjoyed sketching this taaaaaaaaallllllllllllll palm tree.


1 thought on “>Loving my Moleskine

  1. >Fun sketches Alanna. My car (in Wisconsin)is doing the same thing but I have just left it alone and it doesn’t seem to be hurting anything and people that seem to know said it won’t hurt anything. I hope not!

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