>Trip sketches

>From Tucson to Houston there were heaps of Army folks on “christmas exodus”…
drawing on the plane

This guy had great hair sticking up above the seat. I wanted to draw all the different kinds of shoes I saw while traveling, but only did these few sketches.

Cancelled flight means LOTS of waiting… and lots of sketching…
and even more sketching.
Finally arrived in Michigan to sketch St. Nick on Grandma’s fireplace.

Dogs. Buddy is hard to sketch, but poupee was a little easier.
My neice lounging on the floor.
Cousin Libby knitting a scarf.
At the airport again. This time on my way to Oregon.

Tad’s sister in the kitchen.

Tad’s dad resting up for the big holiday.Tad catching up on some news.
practicing their song for the Christmas play.
The Christmas tree nicely decorated with meaningful ornaments.

Kip strumming the guitar

playing games
Dictionary game.
Tad’s dad: 2 sketches.
uncolored sketches, to be colored later…

teapot at Peet’s

Gifts I got. I got all kinds of fun stuff!
Tad’s brothers, hanging out.
stuff. Super 8 projector and the brass mule sculpture Tad’s dad made.
at the airport in Albuquerque during a layover.


3 thoughts on “>Trip sketches

  1. >Holy smokes, that’s a ton of sketching you did, but it’s a great way to spend your airport time. I really enjoyed looking at all of these. Keep up the good work, Alanna!

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