>New sketches in my Little Red sketchbook

>Some of my sketches I really dislike. I usually can tell if I’m going to like or dislike a sketch by how I feel while sketching. This slide I started to draw did not bring up feelings of intense liking…
I like this sketch of the pods at Walter Douglas Elementary and the crooked tree. I don’t particularly like the bad job I did of adding a too dark sky to the sketch… Kids are a challenge as they run around…constantly moving and shifting
a bird. A mourning dove, I believe, or a desert dove…? they move around as much as the kids.

I sketched the following scene while waiting for Tad at the Little Cafe Poca Cosa. I LOVE that they put basil in their juices (pineapple juice this time, lemonade the last time)
Sunnyside Highschool is all decked out for the Christmas season. Here is their tree (from the side view) all dressed up in school colors.
Sketched while waiting for my lunch. A faceless girl.
At Laguna elementary school…

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