> May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! I will be away from the computer and blogs for awhile, but hopefully that means I’m busily sketching in the airport and while hanging around family! (By the way, the above design was my christmas card this year. And the image below was on the back of the card. While serving in the Peace Corps, I became known for some of my elaborate cards I’d make and give to folks. I was referred to as the Queen of Cards…hence the name…)

Happy Holidays to you!

>Latest red sketchbook offerings

>Early to the school, I sat in the van (cold outside!) and sketched Sam Hughes school.

Waiting for Tad, I quickly sketched 12th street looking east.
Dropped the van off at the shop and treated myself to a peppermint mocha at Starbucks. It was BUSY at 7:30am! Doodling while watching the kids play.
a tree doodle

>12 of 12/12/08– oops, should be 12/12/07

>12/13/07- editor’s note: Well it seems like I was jumping the gun last night I adding a year on to the date. It shoudl read 12 of 12/12/07. Also. I was supposed to add in the times, so maybe I’ll give a rough approximation of the times of each photo now. Sorry for all the edits (especially those of you who subscribe to this blog)

I decided to participate in the 12 of 12 project which basically means taking 12 pics during the 12th day of each month. I’m just now jumping on the bandwagon. It was fun to think about taking pictures all day. I snapped lots of shots and then picked out the best 12 to describe my day.

Edit: I just now realized (after snapping 12 shots, posting them and looking at others’ 12 shots)that there is a theme this month. Believe. Let me see if I can incorporate that…

Here they are:

1. Early morning. 6:58am letting Sagis-cat outside. Sagis believe in waking me up, leading me to his food dish, letting me fall back asleep and then waking me up 10-20 minutes later (an hour or two if he’s not feeling to anxious to use the outdoor facilities) so that I can open the door for him. And notice, in the background, if you will, Tad believes in Dennis Kucinich as a presidential candidate.

2. Driving to work–8:15am-it was a foggy morning in the desert today. It’s hard to believe that it’s usually bright blue sky and thatusually you can see the mountains in the distance and a couple of ‘skyscrapers’ about a half mile down the road!

3. 8:20am The building where I work, seen through the wet window I believe it was a good day to stay in bed and NOT go to this building to work. But I believe in the mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters and made it in to work,anyway. 4. 9:45am Me at my desk (where it is a bit warmer, though I wore my scarf all day.) I believe in coffee and taking moments from working to check in on blogger friends.

5. 11:30 I took my lunch break at home. A view from the entryway… I believe this is the best pic I’ve taken of our courtyard and apartment.

6. 11:31 Me outside my house, wearing my favorite pink hat. i believe it turned out to be a sunny, beautiful day..

7. 11:34 am Before I could feed myself, I had to feed Bob. Bob is a stray cat who insists on me giving him a bit of love with every piece of whiskas processed cat food. Bob believes that food doesn’t taste as good if it doesn’t come with a bit of lovin.

8. 12:01 A good book I’m reading- read while eating my lunch today. The author of this book believes in the importance of world travel with his children. 9.2pm After lunch, I had to go to the Northwest Neighborhood center to Introduce some “Bigs” to their “Littles”. I believe that the Bigs are just as impacted as the Littles are.

10. 3pmDriving: I was happy that the sun decided to come out- still cloudy over the Catalinas, though. I believe…uh….it turned into a beeyooteeefulll day

11. 3:15pm A quick stop at Wild Oats… where I believe they greatly inflate the cost of their products, but they do carry the little cans of Wellness cat food for 89cents, and they are the perfect size for Sagis…he just loves them, too. I like that they are so good for him.

12. 6:30pmAt the Imago Dei Open House: christmas tree, baba ganoush, hot cider, and Santa made a surprise visit. Do you believe in santa?

Bonus pic: Sagis believes in good food, a little love and time in mama’s lap with lots of caresses and kisses.

There you have it. 12 pics to illustrate my day. That was fun. Maybe I’ll remember to do it next month, too! Maybe I’ll read the rules and realize only the bonus pick had to be the theme Believe. Oh well. Next month!

>I got crafty

>I made this paper crane and turned it into a Christmas ornament with gold thread, beads and a hook. I strengthened it with mod podge and a bit of paper glaze. I just finished this Altoid gum and decided to decorate the tin (sorry the photos are crappy- the flash was too bright and no flash was not quite enough light). I hot glued fabric and ribbon and a button on and mod podged it all on top with some glitter.
Et voila, the crane fits snugly in the tin…a nice little gift.

>Recent sketches

>Today at work I sketched the two kids (elementary aged, though the one looks a bit older by my sketch) while they ‘crafted’… Yesterday, I ate lunch at Subway. This hippie guy parked this bike out front. I liked that it was old and rusty and laden down with grasses to make the wreath that he has ‘advertised’ on the front. He didn’t stay long, so I sketched fast…and bikes are hard for me ot sketch…

My van door (the side sliding door) broke on me, so I took it in to the shop…which meant riding the Sun Tran bus…perfect opportunity to do some sketching.
another subway sketch…the table and chair set outside for al fresco dining. It was too cold and rainy, so I stayed inside to sketch and eat.
EDM challenge, something soothing: a candle when the power goes out…very soothing!

>New sketches in my Little Red sketchbook

>Some of my sketches I really dislike. I usually can tell if I’m going to like or dislike a sketch by how I feel while sketching. This slide I started to draw did not bring up feelings of intense liking…
I like this sketch of the pods at Walter Douglas Elementary and the crooked tree. I don’t particularly like the bad job I did of adding a too dark sky to the sketch… Kids are a challenge as they run around…constantly moving and shifting
a bird. A mourning dove, I believe, or a desert dove…? they move around as much as the kids.

I sketched the following scene while waiting for Tad at the Little Cafe Poca Cosa. I LOVE that they put basil in their juices (pineapple juice this time, lemonade the last time)
Sunnyside Highschool is all decked out for the Christmas season. Here is their tree (from the side view) all dressed up in school colors.
Sketched while waiting for my lunch. A faceless girl.
At Laguna elementary school…

>At St. Augustine’s

>Tad and I attended the “holiday card to Tucson”, holiday concert held at St. Augustine’s Sunday night. I forgot my little notebook! Luckily I had a pen and was able to use the program for sketching…. Micron Pen on cardstock program, colored later with Staedtler watercolor crayons.

>Christmas Time! Presents!

>So this year, as I did last year, I am wrapping gifts using material I have on hand rather than buying the colorful christmas wrap. Using some brown parcel paper and hemp twine, I am making simple (yet cute, I think) gifts. They look cute all together, but I know that once they’re mingling with the rest of the bright, glossy gifts, mine will look quite plain.

Hope everyone is feeling in good cheer for the upcoming holidays. I also hope people are not buying beyond their means. It is so easy to spend more money that intended during the holidays.

HO HO HO! Happy Holiday gift wrapping!