>Thanksgiving Sketches

>Tad and I went to Patagonia to enjoy the raw food potluck feast for our “turkey” dinner. Here are the sketches I got to do since I let Tad be in the driver’s seat: I am not so sure this is THE tree of life, but I figured it would cover me for the EDM challenge, Draw a tree in autumn. This tree had attractive yellow berries that the kids were having fun pulling off and throwing them.
At the labryinth, once I reached the center, I sat and sketched the view:
to see the photos from the trip,
click here


One thought on “>Thanksgiving Sketches

  1. >Really great sketches Alanna! Feel like I am right there. sounds like a fun day.You must be starting on your new sketchbook. Do you like it? I am back in love with my Moleskine 🙂

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