>I haven’t been posting, because…

>I had all four wisdom teeth taken out on November 16. Haven’t felt much like sketching. Notice my t-shirt, by the way. I got it when I was about 12. I loved all the different ways cats were painted… I did do these in my new little sketchbook before the surgery. this is Bob, he has similar marking as Sagis, but he is not a Siamese.
This is the courtyard where I live:
these are some things that were on my desk at work during a lull one evening:


2 thoughts on “>I haven’t been posting, because…

  1. >Oh, my sympathies. I had all mine removed at the same time too but thankfully I have a bad memory and now I’ve forgotten (mostly!)how awful it was! You’ll feel fine pretty quickly and be grateful those great big things are gone! (Why do we need them in the first place?!) Lovely drawings – we need more of Bob! 😉

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