>end of a sketchbook

>Last sketches in my sketchbook. That feels good. There are a few pages that never got posted as they were “mess-ups” and not worthy of blogging about. The rest, I’m feeling pleased with. Here are the last to be posted:
Rug we just put down in the living room now that it is cooling down quite a bit.
Something square, a little notebook I was given for Christmas last year. I’ve yet to use it for sketching. (it’s very small!) Blender…Tad had blueberry smoothie drunk straight from the blender while watching grey’s anatomy online with me. He left the blender on my desk. I drew it.

Tad and I enjoyed saturday morning breakfast at the silver lining cafe. This fancy truck parked out front for a bit, as its owner was showing it off to Pam, the cafe’s owner.
View of Catalina Mountains from the Northwest Center. I got to NWC a bit early, so I took the time to sketch.
Dia de los Muertos decoration (papel picado is hard to sketch!, even more so when it is hanging over a balloon.) that Tad’s mom made at the Tucson Children’s Museum.
NWC…or part of it!

8 thoughts on “>end of a sketchbook

  1. >Hey, what a fun feeling to finish a sketchbook!! Really neat last sketches too.Yay, I know about ones that are not good enough to post :)The Open Studio tour sounds like fun but we had to stay here and cheer on the Packers.

  2. >Great job filling your sketchbook! Your drawings are fun to look at. I like your wagon sketch– a “Conestoga wagon” I think. I live 2 minutes away from the town of “Conestoga” where the wagons were first made for the brave people who adventured west. Your drawing captures the form exactly! Also, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me the info on EDM about your friend who has done 100’s of teapot drawings. They are wonderful! It’s fun to see another’s take on the same subject.

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