>Sketches from a sketchcrawl!


sketched while waiting at the airport to pick up Tad’s folks…

Luckily, Tad and his folks were in to the idea of joining the sketch crawl for a couple of hours! We went to Trail Dust Town and saw Teri, Mary, Donna, Helen and one other gal whose name I forget. Those ladies had some very inspiring sketches by the time we caught up with them mid day!
Sharing our sketches

Tad napped a bit and then made this sketch of his mom sketching Tad’s dad is in to mules and wagon trains. He really liked the wagons at trail dust town. apparently, the amount of spokes on a wheel is significant.
Kathy’s sketches:

Kathy (Tad’s mom) sketching
Tad and his ma sketching
Wayne sketching
Donna sketching…

another of Kathy’s sketches (sorry so blurry-it was a photo of a pencil sketch)
and two more from Kathy!

Alanna and the Beckwiths at Trail Dust Town at the end of our sketchcrawlHere are my sketches:

a wagon…

a barrel…

the scene…. Indian…

Notions Potions and medicinal compounds for sale We had a great time Sunday! After the sketching fun, we enjoyed ice cream and then a hike in Sabino Canyon, before heading downtown to check out the All souls Procession

Seed pod picked up in front of the Arizona Historical Museum and sketched later.

I work at Walter Douglas Elementary once a week and while supervising the kids on the playground, I was sketching. Brianna came to check it out and the all three of the kids wanted to be drawn.

Orland (who greatly disliked this portrait of himself!) La Palma sketched this afternoon while waiting to pick up Tad from work.

Pueblo Hotel Apartments on South Sixth Avenue, sketched while waiting for Tad.


4 thoughts on “>Sketches from a sketchcrawl!

  1. >Wow, you’ve really been busy! I think it’s great that Tad and his folks were up for sketching. You have some great sketches. I like the way you add color. It enhances the quality of your lines.

  2. >Phew! you all really got a lot done and had fun doing it. It was so nice to finally meet Tad and then the extra benefit of his parents. They all were so nice.So happy they enjoyed the day and what a busy day it was.

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