>More from My Mini Sketchbook

>Here is a watercolor I did of the red sunflowers Teri and I bought at Trader Joe’s. I decided not to sketch with ink first, but to just paint them. I did the same thing with these squash in the wooden basket. But then I outlined it all in ink afterwards.

I was waiting for Tad as he ran into Safeway, so I sketched the scene in my rear view mirror.
We took a road trip to Wilcox Arizona to pick some apples and asian pears. We also bought some pumpkins.
There was a lot of fruit on the ground to rot, as well.
Once home and showered from our very dusty trip, Tad did some reading and a little bit of absent minded foot rubbing (which I LOVE) while I sketched the scene.

And that’s the latest from my little mini sketch book!


3 thoughts on “>More from My Mini Sketchbook

  1. >I also like the rear view mirror and the comment on the ink and outlines. I struggle with the question of “outlines” or “no outlines” – nice to see someone else’s work on this topic. I like them both!

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